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  • Money Through the Ages: A Historic Retrospective  By : Ann Knapp
    Precious metals, conch shells and bartering have all been utilized by civilizations through the ages in the exchange of services or goods. This early form of money, or proto-money, was used before the invention of real currency. In ancient times, a bag of rice might have been exchanged by someone for a bag of beans.
  • American Express - The Company set apart, but always in the game.  By : Ted Hamilton
    Marching to a slightly different drummer, American Express holds a unique spot in the financial world.
  • The history of the credit card  By : aregan
    Though the concept of credit has been around for over thousands of years, the credit card itself is a relatively new invention, created at the middle of the 20th century by businessman Frank X McNamara. Head of the Hamilton Credit Corporation, in 1949 he went for a meal with Ralph Sneider, his attorney and Alfred Bloomingdale, a close friend and grandson to the founder of the Bloomingdale’s store.
  • Article Marketing – Needed Quality Articles  By : GOVIND SINGH
    Article marketing is used by so many Internet companies and home based business owners that it is essential to know the basics. Many individuals will hire a ghostwriter to do the article writing for them. Sometimes, its necessary do outsource this when you simply do not have the time to create articles yourself. Too many people simply do not even try to write articles because they do not believe t
  • Define the three effects of lower starting prices lead to higher ending prices  By :
    It is the often said that £0.99 no reserve auction are the best way to encourage bids and lead to higher prices. In fact Auctioning4u eBay Drop off Shop lists most of its items using this pricing strategy.
  • Check Collecting  By : Don Woodworth
    Discussion of collecting cancelled checks, cancelled checks bearing revenue stamps, and cancelled checks printed on revenue stamped paper.
  • Fake Money Used In Movies/Videos  By : Amy Nutt
    In Hollywood's infancy, filmmakers used real money in their
    productions, only to run into legal and administrative problems
    such as workers stealing the money. At the time, very strict
    laws prohibited the filmmakers from copying, photographing or
    imitating American currency in any way.
  • Ten Most Famous Counterfeiting Scandals  By : Astrid Mitchell
    The crime of counterfeiting is probably as old as money itself,
    and kings have often dealt very harshly with its perpetrators.
    The counterfeiting of coins or 'coining' used to be dealt with
    as a form of treason. As a result, gruesome punishments for
    coining in England have included being hung drawn and quartered
    and being burnt at the stake.

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