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  • The Academy Awards - Roots and manoeuvres  By : Tuppence Magazine
    May 16th 1929, just before the onset of the Great Depression, at a private brunch at the Hollywood Roosevelt in Los Angeles, the first Academy Awards were presented by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) with an audience of just two hundred and seventy.
  • Old Time Radio Detective Shows You May Enjoy  By : Brad Bryson
    Do you like a good detective show? Maybe you watch them on TV or rent DVDs. But, have you ever thought about listening to an old time radio detective show? There are a lot of old radio shows that you might really enjoy. Here are just a few of them.
  • Tribute to Hrishikesh Mukherjee  By :
    One director who is known for his great films based on middle class urban society is Hrishikesh Mukherjee. Hrishikesh Mukherjee’s films shunned any form of violence and crime and were untouched with glamour, which are the basic ingredients of most Indian Films. He proved beyond doubt that a director could make a series of hit movies without masala formulas. His films were based on comedies arising from real life situations, touching human relations, had a simple plot and carved out a middle path
  • Art And The Motion Picture  By : Charles Griffith
    The author reflects on his role in the production of the upcoming Matthew Modine film "The Trial," and shares his observations on film as an art form, using Stanley Kubrick's "Barry Lyndon" as an example.
  • Old Time Radio Comedy Shows  By : Brad Bryson
    Discover the fun of old time radio comedy with this review of a few of the best. Some of these shows are so funny, you'll find yourself laughing out loud.
  • When A Character From Caniff's  By : Dale R Smith
    A serialized comic strip was initiated two years to the day after my birthday. At the time of launch, I was far too young to know of or enjoy this unfolding story. Terry and his so-called Pirates were characters involved in, and exploring, the Far East during the period of extreme turmoil prior to the Second World War At the time, Americans were, generally, isolationist and not terribly interested in happenings any place other than native soil. Recovering from a major depression, self was far mo
  • Why Listen To Old Time Radio  By : Brad Barr
    With all of the hundreds of cable TV channels, why would anyone bother listening to old time radio these days? I would, for one. And believe it or not, there are thousands of people who listen to old time radio (OTR) shows every day.
  • Movie Genres and Audiences  By :
    The term ‘Genre’ can be defined as the loose set of criteria for a category of composition. For Movies, the genres refer to various categories of Movies. Movies can be classified into some Major genres.
  • Old Time Radio - Where To Get Thousands Of Shows For Free  By : Brad Bryson
    Want to know where to find 1,000's of old time radio shows? It's easy. I'll show you how.
  • Batman's greatest villains  By : Jason Mcdonald
    With the long running history of Batman comes a very substantial number of villains that have become a part of Gothams worries. Compiling a comprehensive listing of them along with their details and secret agendas would be more fitting as a book or novel so, how about taking a short look at some of the most important and dangerous characters in Batmans Universe.
  • The Rise Of The Bluray Format In Society  By : Rhonda Mitchel
    Even as the economy struggles, sales of the bluray system continues to grow by leaps and bounds.
  • Remakes That Were Better Than Their Predecessors  By : Rhonda Mitchel
    Most remakes are less than good, but some really explode and rise above the origionals.
  • What Can You Do With Live Animation?  By : Jamie Hanson
    Live animation, also referred to as digital puppetry, is an interesting form of entertainment. It involves an actor wearing a special sensor suit moving around while a computer tracks his or her movements. These movements are then translated to a computer generated character in real time. This means that the computer character follows the exact motions of the actor as the actor makes those motions. It’s similar to the way a puppet would move its hand when the actor moved his hand, except
  • Using the IGS-190-M for Motion Capture  By : Jamie Hanson
    One of the newest methods of motion capture is the IGS-190-M, a gyroscopic inertial motion capture system that is perhaps the simplest system to use. The IGS-190-M is compact, easy to set up and use, and doesn’t require a studio setup—you can take it with you wherever you need motion capture.
  • Movie Collectibles and Aunt Ida  By : Charlie Reese
    A lot of people get movie posters from their favorite childhood movies, for example, or from the art flicks they liked to watch in college. For these people, authenticity is not usually the biggest thing. A lot of them will get collectible movie memorabilia that is actually remade. It makes for much cheaper collectibles which are easier to get a hold of, and it serves the same decorative purpose for them.
  • Wolverine Origins Officially Means Comic Book Movies Are Here to Stay  By : David Rosenthal
    Superhero movies have come a long way. The latest is Wolverine Origins and in a way it's the culmination of technical ability of filmmakers, correct casting and character popularity in one single strike. And even in the case of Spider-Man, even though the effects were right, and the fans were behind it, the studio used an actor we really had to learn to love.
  • Old Time Radio: Famous Personages Of The Age  By : karl donald
    If there is one thing you can say about old time radio or OTR is that: there are geniuses during that time who invaded the airwaves, and they have left indelibly marks the face of on-air broadcasting forever. Some of the names of these geniuses have been etched through the annals of history; but there are also a few forgotten souls whose names are less familiar to the modern crowd. Nonetheless, their profound contributions can still be traced through modern radio programming.
  • Try Not to Scream: Horror Programs in the Golden Age of American Radio  By : karl donald
    Horror was a genre that was uniquely suited to American radio of old time. In the 1930s and 1940s, radio had a profound hold on the imaginations of listeners, which various horror programs could readily exploit. With just a few well-chosen sound effects or choice lines of dialogue, radio could evoke a mad scientist's lab, to a planet filled with aliens or a swamp filled with creatures ready to eat the unwary visitor.
  • Who Was That Masked Man? The Lone Ranger Radio Show  By : karl donald
    Hi-yo, Silver, Away! With these words, one of the longest-running of the radio heroes began and ended a new adventure. Yes, it's the Lone Ranger, who accompanied by his faithful sidekick named Tonto, wandered the West delivering frontier justice. The show was on air from 1933 to 1954, spanning virtually the whole of the Golden Age of Radio. The character also successfully crossed-over to other media such as TV, movies and comic books.
  • Old Time Radio: The Audio Craze That Began In the 1930s  By : karl donald
    Old time radio or OTR has had a relatively short but extremely colorful run. Almost 40 years have been attributed to the best of American radio of old time, but not many people really know how this phenomenon swept through America. Although the golden age of radio is accepted to have happened between the 1940s and the 1950s, the dawn of this phenomenon can be pegged around the mid-1930s or during the time when the Great Depression was ending.
  • The War of the Worlds and Mass Hysteria  By : karl donald
    It seems hard to believe today, but a radio drama that aired in the 1930s caused a mass panic by making its listeners believe that aliens had invaded our planet. The show was The War of the Worlds, inspired by H.G. Wells' classic novel. It was produced by, and starred, theatrical wunderkind Orson Welles as an episode of his anthology show Mercury Theater on the Air and aired on Halloween 1938.
  • Old Time Radio: Breeding Ground For Some Of The Best Comedy Of The Ages  By : karl donald
    One of the most memorable things about old time radio is the fact that some of the best pioneering comedy became overnight sensations during this era. The outbreak of World War II, sponsor-related controversies and even the blatant pirating of on-air talents from one network to another were never considered as hindrances to the triumph of straight faced punch lines, running gags and slapstick humor. A large number of the very successful old time radio comedians even continued their careers by
  • Nigeria Films and the Image of Nigeria  By : Gen Wright
    For many years, the image of Nigeria has been a soiled one. The people are misunderstood, and the image stands firm.
  • Star Trek Movie Review  By : orthai25
    Star Trek Movie Review - Plot

    In the year 2387, the galaxy is threatened by a supernova. Ambassador Spock pilots a Vulcan-commissioned ship carrying “red matter” that can create a gravitational singularity, drawing the supernova into a black hole. Spock succeeds, but not before Romulus, the Romulan homeworld, is destroyed. Captain Nero of the Romulan mining ship Narada attempts to exact revenge on Spock for letting Romulus be destroyed, but both ships are caught in the black hole’s event horizon, traveling to different points into the past and creating an alternate reality from the originalStar Trek series.
  • Why do some movies go out of print?  By : altfilms
    The DVD is being re-released Most companies halt the production of an old DVD in preparation for the new one so that retailers don't end up carrying both versions at the same time. Unfortunately, this process can take months or years to complete. Supplies end up running dry and people go into panic
    mode hoarding the remaining stock.
  • X-Men Origins: Wolverine To Be Released On May 1, 2009  By : dick dicksonn
    There was a time when Hollywood avoided comic book materials like the plague. With mediocre renditions of classic characters like the Punisher, Captain America, and even the Fantastic Four - the last two being so bad that they ended up as direct-to-video issues - Hollywood has gotten the idea th
  • Make Your Own Movie  By : Jay Staudt
    How to Get Started With Filmmaking. Learn what it takes to make your own video at home, using tried and true methods for keeping your budget low and your aspirations high.
  • 3D DVDs with 3D Glasses: Will Your Family Enjoy the Home 3D Movie Viewing Experience?  By : Bob Johnson
    Advances in 3D movie tech have created a boom in new 3D movies, especially family movies. subsequent 3D DVDs with included 3D Glasses are hitting the shelves Sporting a pair of red/blue glasses is extremely annoying after seeing the phenomenal 3D effects in crystal clear color at the theater. The big
  • Watching Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D Movie on DVD and Blu-Ray with 3D Glasses  By : Bob Johnson
    Being able to view the movie in 3D was what made Journey to the Center of the Earth such fun - but wouldn't it be great to enjoy 3D movies right in your own home theater with 3D Glasses? Do the glasses hurt more than they help. Is the effect similar to what you saw in the movie theater? These are som
  • Zac Efron Information  By : Rotco_1988
    Zac Efron (Real Name: Zachary David Alexander Efron) was born 18 October 1987 and he is an American actor and singer. He is mostly known for his performance in Disney Channels Original Movie 'High School Musical'.
  • Movie Memorabilia - What's The Appeal?  By : Ron Berry
    Movie Memorabilia can be just about anything associated with a movie, actor, actress, famous theaters, even film studios. Usually the list includes posters, photographs, scripts, film cells even costumes and props. There's almost no limit, assuming you're willing to do the research and legwork.
  • History of Cinema  By : artsub0179
    Film encompasses individual motion pictures, the field of film as an art form, and the motion picture industry. Films are produced by recording images from the world with cameras, or by creating images using animation techniques or special effects.
  • Lord Of The Rings Replica Swords  By : Steve Salt
    The Lord Of The Rings movies, directed by Peter Jackson, shot mostly on location in his native New Zealand, have become instant classics, their critical and financial success making sword and sorcery movies acceptable again in Hollywood. The films dedication to practical authenticity when it came to swords and armour, coupled with Oscar winning production design,
  • Buying Used Film Props  By : Steve Salt
    Today, fans of a particular movie have lots of ways to enjoy the films they are passionate about. They can, of course, buy the film on DVD or Blu-Ray, often purchasing special “collector’s editions”. They can buy the movie poster and hang it on the wall, the soundtrack on CD, and for more famous films, books offering behinds-the-scenes insight can be found, but for collectors, nothing can beat...
  • Future of Blu-ray  By : Hamid
    News is that Sony Corp will sell three new Vaio all-in-one PC models that will include high-definition Blu-ray disc drives. The Vaio JS model will include a 20.1-inch LCD, Windows Vista Home, and an optional Blu-ray disc drive. The Vaio LV model will feature 24-inch LCD, available Blu-ray ROM drive, available rewritable Blu-ray drive, built-in DVR functionality, and a 1080p HDMI input.
  • 'Clerks': The Passion of Kevin Smith  By : aregan
    Kevin Smith’s 'Clerks', released in 1994 and now considered a modern-day classic, started off as an idea while Smith was an employee at the Quick Stop convenience store and RST Video in his native New Jersey. Inspired by Richard Linklater’s 'Slacker', the 'Divine Comedy' by Dante Algihieri and Smith’s own experience of working in the convenience store
  • Enter the Dragon: The Life of Bruce Lee  By : aregan
    Born to a Chinese father and a mother of Chinese and German ancestry in San Francisco in 1940, Lee moved with his parents to Hong Kong when he was only three months old. Lee’s father was a famous Cantonese Opera star, and was encouraged to follow in his footsteps.
  • Blu-ray Media Format  By : Hamid
    At the start of the last century it was predicted that whatever was to be invented has already been invented; nothing more. You can imagine what all has been invented after that. Sony claim that" Blu-ray may easily be the last and final optical disc format" reminds me of that prediction.
    You never know. Further incarnations of Blu-ray may allow the technology to live quite a long life. But it i

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