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  • Shock wave  By : Ann
    In a supersonic flow the compression of a nonreacting gas can be most simply modelled as an isentropic or Prandtl-Meyer compression, or as a shock wave. When an object (or disturbance) moves faster than the information about it can be propagated into the surrounding fluid, fluid near the disturbance cannot react or "get out of the way" before the disturbance arrives.
  • All About Tribal Tattoos  By : Becky McClure
    In recent years, Tribal Tattoos have enjoyed a revival. The originals go beyond the intertwined stripes of black shapes that are common today. Many of the ancient tattoo patterns have given away to swirls, spikes, knots, and totems that come from the imagination of the creator rather than any of the ancient tribes.
  • The History of Tattoos  By : Becky McClure
    The word, Tattoo, comes from the Polynesian word, “tatao” which means “to tap” or “to mark something.”

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