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  • The Indoor Play Centre: a Merseyside Historical Treasure  By : Paige Price
    The New Palace and Adventureland spans three centuries, and is proud of its history. This indoor play centre in Merseyside seeks to bring "something for everyone," as it combines the latest technological thrills with traditional favorites. The New Palace was born when two brothers decided to hang a rope from a factory rooftop to swing from during their breaks. The brothers soon moved on to exhibiting this and other innovative rides at the local fairground, which they lately bought. In 1939, remodeling made New Palace the indoor play centre that thrill-seekers know and love today. However, World War Two soon broke out and the indoor play centre was turned into a factory. From there, the New Palace resumed its place as an acclaimed amused park. All went well until the mid-60's, when business started to lag. However, need leadership had New Palace going strong by the late 80's. Business is as good as it has ever been as customers continue to enjoy this indoor play centre which has existed since the 19th century.

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