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  • Designer Pens And Writing Materials  By : Gen Wright
    In this new digital age, what could possibly be the point for needing a good fountain pen or ballpoint pen to do your writing and conduct business? After all, you have the word processor, Excel spreadsheets, Power Point presentations, and a variety of other technologies that have all but rendered these older tools useless, right?
  • Understanding the Fine Quality Fountain Pen  By : Gen Wright
    For the average person pens are simply a tool that is used to write something with. To someone that is a pen collector or lover of pens it holds special meaning to them.
  • Vintage Fountain Pens  By : Eddie Tobey
    Fountain pen collectors classify pens manufactured before 1965 as vintage fountain pens. Fountain pen lovers have stored and passed on pens from one generation to another. Pens appreciated for their looks, designs and efficiency in writing may be stored, in some cases with little or no practical writing use.
  • Fake Reviews of Mont Blanc Pens  By : Kelly Wright
    Can you believe that somebody can post a fake Mont Blanc pen
    review? Why does anybody would want to do that? And what may be
    the purpose for such review to appear on public websites?
  • Fountain Pens - A Brief History  By : Peter Ashburton
    The first known fountain pen was invented over a thousand years ago in the Middle East. In 953, the caliph of Egypt commissioned a pen that could be filled with ink and then be carried around without leaking. He was subsequently presented with a pen with a reservoir of ink that was delivered to the nib by gravity and capillary action.
  • Collecting Vintage Fountain Pens For Beginners  By : Fred Peters
    There are several types of fountain pens that you can begin collecting. This article focuses on collecting vintage fountain pens, but you should know that there are also custom fountain pens, collectible fountain pens, and modern fountain pens. We will focus on helping beginners to get strarted collecting vintage fountain pens.
  • Mont Blanc Pens - Greatest Pens in the World  By : Peter Ashburton
    Mont Blanc pens are famous the world over. For over a
    century these writing instruments have been identified by their
    exquisite shapes, beautiful designs, attention to detail and a
    quality second to none. Each pen carries the trademark white
    stylized six-pointed star with rounded edges, symbolizing the
    snowcap of the Mont Blanc mountain.
  • Milestones In The History Of Writing Pens  By : Devin Greenfield
    The history of writing pens begins from the ancient times, approximately from year 3000 B.C. They were cut out from stalks of reed. The English word "pen" (a writing feather) came from latin "penna" meaning “feather of a bird”.

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