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  • Jewelry Boxes Caskets--An Historical Overview, Particularly of American Art Metal 1900-1925  By : THE JEWEL BOX BOOK
    Jewelry boxes have been treasured throughout history, for they have held precious items—sometimes valuable in themselves, sometimes valuable for their memories. Constructed in many materials in all styles, by hand and by mass production. A favorite possession of ladies from all classes in the early 1900's in America.
  • Straight Razors - Do You Know What That Handle Is Made From?  By : Steve Dempster
    The material that the handles of a straight razor are made from can greatly affect its value - but how do you tell what it is? The following article gives some hints and tips.
  • Cheers! The History and Etiquette of the Hip Flask  By : Stewart Hersey
    The origins of the hip flask date back to medieval times, but their growth in popularity really started in the Georgian and Victorian era's. Made in a variety of materials, the most popular is probably silver and they provide essential winter warming when participating or spectating at sporting events.

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