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  • Law Enforcement Badges  By : Kristy Annely
    Each one of us has witnessed a law enforcement official maintaining peace and order in the streets. We see these officers wearing their uniforms, and we can easily identify them because they usually wear specialized law enforcement badges.
  • History Of Law Enforcement  By : Kristy Annely
    Since the conception of society, law enforcement bodies have existed to protect citizens from criminals or to maintain the status quo and keep leaders in power. Dating back to Biblical times, there were military personnel tasked to maintain peace and order.
  • Police Flashlights  By : Kristy Annely
    The flashlight carried by a police officer, can in no way be expected to serve the uni-functional task of providing light in case of darkness. When a police officer is using a flashlight, he or she is also occupying one of his or her hands. This may prove to be dangerous for the officer in case he faces an attack by the criminals.
  • Harley-Davidson Police Motorcycles  By : B Corcoran
    Harley started producing motorcycles for police departments in 1908 and has been doing so ever since. Today there are police on Harleys in 45 countries. Harleys are used in more than 3,400 police agencies in the U.S. alone.
  • Used Police Cars  By : Peter Emerson
    A police car, police cruiser, squad car, radio car, or patrol car is a vehicle used by police forces in the United States to patrol and temporarily detain and transport individual criminal suspects. The use of police cars has basically replaced the ritual of officers or constables "walking a beat" in most jurisdictions.

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