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  • What's My President Kennedy Memorabilia Really Worth?  By : Lori Ferber
    More than forty five years after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy memorabilia and souvenirs from the life and times of JFK are still the most cherished - and most often collected items of any U.S. President.

    It also means that every day we receive requests for free appraisals for just about every imaginable item relating to the former President and his family.
  • Political Memorabilia - Collecting Hillary Clinton Memorabilia  By : Casey Byshop
    Following the presidential election in the USA this year, we are going to see more political memorabilia items being sold than following any other election. Political memorabilia is big business and not just for Presidential candidates. As you will soon discover when searching for Hillary Clinton memorabilia there are hundreds, even thousands of different items which you can now purchase.
  • Political Buttons  By : Seth Miller
    Political success depends on reaching out to the masses. What better way is there to be in the public eye than to feature on buttons one of the most commonplace, everyday objects? So a century back our political leaders had the brilliant idea of using buttons for their election campaigns.
  • The Enduring Image of Theodore Roosevelt  By : Michael Kelly
    Using rich illustrations of authentic political items and other object portraying President Theodore Roosevelt, this article explores the impact TR had on American popular culture.

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