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  • Antique Delft and Very Collectible Tiles and Ceramics  By : Joy Pearson
    The term delft is derived from the dutch town of Delft. The Netherlands began to produce tin-glazed earthenware in the late 15 century. Potteries were established in many parts of the Netherlands, Amsterdam, Haarlem and Rotterdam, but by the late 17 century Delft had become the most important centre of production and nearly 30 companies were working in the area.
  • Gifts from the River  By : Dao
    Historian and researcher HoTan Phan has amassed an incredible collection of ancient pottery, all of which has been fished out of the rivers around Hue in Central Vietnam.
  • Van Briggle Art Pottery  By :
    Artus Van Briggle, a potter and artist, came to Colorado Springs in 1899 and began to experiment with the clays of the area. He was a master at blending clay and glaze and turning it into works of art. He also had the artist’s grasp of form, design, and color. All his pieces have a soft-toned glaze and the colors are the colors of Colorado—turquoises, greens, roses, browns, and purples.
  • Native American Clay Pottery Art is a Labor of Love  By : Alice Lane
    In today's world, if you decide to get into pottery, you've got a lot of options at your disposal. There is all sorts of information and many purchasing options available that the process is pretty much laid out for you. Sure, you need to have the creativity and the inspiration to create new and beautiful things, but you can also find templates and ideas online for that if you so desire.
  • Basics About Polymer Clay Art  By : Alice Lane
    Polymer clay art is colorful, beautiful and unusual. Artists of all ages enjoy working with polymer clay to create jewelry, sculptures, picture frames, boxes and a variety of unique pieces. After polymer clay is properly prepared and shaped, it is baked to create the finished product.
  • Ancient Greek Pottery  By : Terry Kubiak
    The pottery of ancient Greece is one of the most tangible and iconic elements of ancient Greek art. The colorful vases and pots of the ancient Greeks have survived in large numbers and are today highly prized as collectors items.
  • Native American Pottery  By :
    Native American pottery is fun to collect. There are so many different pueblos, and each one has its own style of pottery. While collecting the pottery, you are also learning a lot about Native American art and culture.
  • American Potteries  By : Karen Bradsell
    Abingdon Pottery began making art pottery in 1934. Raymond E. Bidwell established it in Abingdon, Illinois in 1908. It was originally called the
    Abingdon Sanitary Manufacturing Company. The factory closed its doors in 1950.
  • Polish Pottery  By : Robert Baird
    In the different fields of cultural
    activities, Poland has proved itself time and again in the world
    arena be it architecture, fine art or literature and even
    celluloid. Pottery is one of the best known and popular of the
    various artworks and it is a tradition that has survived the
    passage of time and today is world famous for its intricate
    designing forms and quality.

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