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  • Collecting Antique Quilts: History, Heirlooms, and High Art  By : Kimberly Clay
    In recent years, quilts have become increasingly sought after antiques and collectibles. Especially as baby-boomers age, the things from childhood; toys, furniture, and the like have increased in popularity. And so it is with antique quilts. The memory of grandma's old quilt lovingly made with a skill no longer common, and thrown across her bed;the feeling of comfort and security it represented is often the root of a new collector's interest. Read further about the collection of antique quilts.
  • Some Interesting Threads About Quilting Fabric  By : Trevor Kassulke
    During the American civil war the ladies in the South would raise funds for their soldiers by sewing and selling quilts. Well, the war went on a lot longer than anyone had anticipated and the ladies quilting changed from fundraising to bedding. In fact, it got so bad that there ended up being a shortage of quilting fabrics.
  • The History and Art of Patchwork Quilting  By : April Kerr
    The history of Patchwork Quilting dates back to the era of the Pharaohs where these samples have been found on several tombs. Even the armors that they used were made of quilted fabrics. You can find some amazing 17th century quilted bed covers.
  • Discover the Interesting History of Quilts  By : April Kerr
    Quilting was practiced in ancient Egyptian times and evidences have been found in the tombs of the Pharaohs. Quilting was a form of sewing various pieces of fabric to make a single item of clothing which later became objects of decoration.
  • Palampores: India’s Dyers Discover Mordants  By : Kimberly Wulfert
    Panels of cotton cloth with a Tree of Life handprinted were called Palampores. When batting, a back and quilting were added, they became bedcovers. The Far Eastern Indians changed the face of fabric when they discovered mordant dyeing that made colors handpainted on cotton fast. Everyone in Western Europe and Britain wanted "painted" cloth once they found out about it in the early 1600's.
  • Cleaning an Antique Quilt  By : Tracy Crowe
    If you have just acquired an antique quilt, there are some things to watch for before you think about how to clean it. You need to look carefully at the quilt's age and condition. You also need to think carefully about whether you should wash a quilt. It is a good idea to seek the advice of a professional textile conservationist first.
  • Antique Doll Quilts  By : Penny Halgren
    Girls in the early nineteenth century were trained from the time they were very young in what was thought to be their life's work. Before sewing machines were common in homes, hand sewing was important for girls to learn since they would likely be stitching all of the clothing, linens and bedding for her home. It seemed natural, then, that doll quilts would be the perfect practice piece.

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