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  • Is Warhammer Online The new WoW-Killer?  By : james dickisonn
    Many games have been hyped up as WoW-busters.

    WoW, of course, refers to the World of Warcraft, the people's smash hit and most successful MMORPG, showing of more than 12 million active customers today.

    For a lot of gaming companies, to put out an MMORPG that will get to experience even a mere tenth
  • Fantasy Role Playing Games - Enchanted Jewelry  By : Dustin Schwerman
    Right up there with mythical swords that blaze with fire, legendary armors that can wreathe a hero in fire, wizard's staves that...make the mage...better at casting fire...huh. Anyway! Right along those powerful if not versatile devices in fantasy stories and games are pieces of jewelry imbued with magical powers.
  • Diamond Rings, Diamond Jewelry, And Other Treasures in Fantasy RPGs  By : Dustin Schwerman
    In many role playing games, one of the most critical decisions the GM has to make is how to give out treasure. The GM has far more options than mere coins with which to reward players in a fantasy RPG.

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