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  • How to mottle a reborn doll and get the best effect  By : Sean Reynolds
    You do not have to do mottle a reborn doll to get a good result. However, it does add more realism and an extra dimension to a reborn. Mottling fills out an area with extra color, after all skin isn't one shade. The trick is to blot off most of the color on the brush before applying as you do not need to use very much.
  • Things to Consider When Buying a Reborn Doll  By : Sean Reynolds
    Reborn dolls are a delight for many people and can be an exciting experience to the entire family. This is the main reason why these dolls are selling like hot cakes in all countries and gain more and more exposure by the day.
  • Why Are Vinyl Baby Dolls So Popular?  By : Ken Watson
    This piece is about the popularity of vinyl baby dolls. Sometimes called reborn baby dolls. Many girls choose to collect these dolls as a pastime while many utilize them as a way to empathize motherhood. Discover what the buzz is all about and why so many people are into these dolls.
  • What to use to weight a reborn doll  By : karl donald
    It is a common problem for some reborners to hit a stumbling block when trying to get the right weight for a reborn doll. As with some of the other reborning processes there are many ways you can fill the doll and various mediums you can use to fill it, but one of the most important aspects is actually getting the weight correct and balanced throughout the doll as it adds to the realism.
  • What are Reborn baby dolls  By : karl donald
    When all of the factory styling is gone, the artist is left with the legs, arms and head and will have their own suitable cloth body. The parts need a lot of work in order to get them to appear as lifelike as possible which will include several layers of paint and styling to get them to look like skin.
  • Starting A Reborn Doll Collection  By : Jasmine Smith
    Reborn dolls are dolls that have been transformed to resemble real life babies. The process of making a Reborn doll is considered to be an art form in itself. Many people around the world find pleasure in taking a standard doll and stripping it from paint and features and bringing it to life.
  • Reborn Dolls - What Exactly Are They?  By : Jay Villaverde
    The life-like dolls known as reborn dolls have created a lot of buzz, both of raving and rants. It has emerged into a controversy without any intention. From the term, reborn, it clearly involves the process of removing out the parts and the paint of the dolls, then painting them again in a manner that will achieve a look that is realistic.
  • The Art of Reborning Dolls  By : Jay Villaverde
    Reborn dolls are highly realistic looking dolls made of vinyl that begin their life as ordinary dolls which are taken apart and reassembled. This is where the name (reborn) comes from. The artists put in a lot of time and effort to ensure that the dolls look and feel as real as possible. These dolls have become highly sought after by collectors and amateurs alike due to the realistic look of the doll.

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