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  • Chelsea FC - the wonga and wags  By : juanjoperez
    High-profile football club Chelsea (also known as the Blue) have been English champions three times, won the FA Cup five times, the League Cup four times and the UEFA Cup Winners' Cup twice. Yet many have claimed their success is largely down to money.
  • History Of Everton FC Shirts  By : Gen Wright
    Everton wanted a unified kit, so dyed all their shirts black, adding a two inch wide scarlet sash, which brought them the nickname of The Black Watch, after the military regiment. They didn't settle on their Royal Blue kit until the 1901-02 season.
  • Brazilian Men's National Soccer Team Takes on a New Complexion  By : Richard London
    Brazilian dominance in soccer takes a new complexion. There used to be a time when the Brazilian men's national soccer team were of average size and build. They were small (shorter), fast and skillful. Diminutive in stature but this did not apply to their technical and tactical abilities.
  • The Premier League Football  By : Gen Wright
    The Premier League is one of the most watched and most revered leagues in the world of football today.
  • Information That Fans Need To Know About World Soccer  By : Ferdy Wise
    Even though soccer has its roots in the working class, the game is more complex than a new fan might originally believe. Essentially a football match comprises of eleven participants who face each other on a pitch, that measures about 100 yards long X 50 yards wide. The principle of the game is to score goals by driving the ball into the challengers goal, which is an area measuring 24 feet wide X 8 feet high. Teams include defenders, half backs, and forwards. A special kind of defender is known as the goalkeeper, who is permitted to use his hands and arms to save goals.
  • FC Barcelona Players  By : Jamie Hanson
    Who doesn't know about the renowned players of the FC Barcelona team? You might be quite aware about ...
  • England Legend - Bobby Robson  By : Gen Wright
    Bobby Robson was the manager for the England football squad for the 1990 World Cup
  • The History of Liverpool Football Club  By : Gen Wright
    Full history of Liverpool football club. From the early days to the modern European cup finals.
  • George Best - The Best Footballer In The World  By : Gen Wright
    The history of George Best, considered by Pele to be the greatest player that ever lived.
  • Football--Everything You Require To Know Concerning International Football  By : Ferdy Wise
    Although horse racing is known as the Sport of Kings, football, or soccer, is the King of Sports. The name soccer comes from from the expression 'association football', and at least assists to make a distinction between the global game, from the totally different ballgame played in the United States. Teams of people have joined together to kick a ball, or other object around, for thousands of years. Rules for the game, that is so popular, were decided in the United Kingdom, in the middle of
  • FC Barcelona - Top Four Players  By : Jamie Hanson
    FC Barcelona is without a doubt one of the greatest clubs in the history of European Football. They've recently won treble and done what no other club has done before, some are calling it the finest team ever assembled but off this team of skill and natural talent who are the stars that outshine everyone? Here's our four top picks as the greatest FC Barcelona players of all time. Starting from the best to the best here's our list;
  • FC Barcelona - Get to know your club  By : Jamie Hanson
    The club is actually the most popular club in Spain with an overwhelming 25% total population support. It's also the largest and most popular club in all of Europe by recent statistics. It's not a problem for the clubs home stadium Camp Nou which is the largest and one of the most efficient stadiums ever built. It can seat an incredible almost 100,000 people and is usually filled up with loud and proud FC Barcelona fans during the practices and home games.
  • Classic Matches: Liverpool vs Arsenal 1989  By : arsenal today
    This is one of the most climatic finishes to a league ever and also one of the best games of football in the history of the league. Not suitable for Liverpool or Tottenham fans!

    Background to the match

    Arsenal had been the leading team at the top of the First Division for much of the season. At the turn of the year, they had been 15 points ahead of Liverpool, but their form dropped as the season drew to a close, whilst Liverpool had been unbeaten since January 1. In the run-up to the Anfield m
  • The History of English Football  By : Jamie Hanson
    The modern global game of Football was first codified in 1863 in London. The English introduced foot ...
  • Italy Vs. Brazil, In USA 94 Final  By : Henrietta Browning
    An article about how, we the brothers of Italy were able to find comfort in a dramatic loss in the first final ever to go in to penalties.
  • Passion for the Beautiful Game Of Football  By : Gen Wright
    How can this passion, excitement, dedication and emotion and for the beautiful game be explained? The United Kingdom is gripped by football fever.
  • Top 3 FC Barcelona Managers  By : Jamie Hanson
    Here is the list of three of the most successful managers of FC Barcelona in the modern era.

    1) Johan Cruijff - Very less amount of people succeeded to achieve Managerial success at Club where they become legendary players. Cruijff had a great playing career with FC Barcelona and also had a equally successful coaching career too.
  • FC Barcelona vs. Real Madrid Matches through a Cules Eyes  By : Jamie Hanson
    Fondly called the "El Classico", the matches between Real Madrid and FC Barcelona in Spain is one of the fiercest clashes between rivals. To understand the importance of these matches, one should understand the history behind both these clubs. It is not simply a clash between two of the biggest clubs in Spain;
  • The Truth Regarding Great Soccer Basics - Learn About Great Resources Today  By : Nathan Knightley
    It's fun to learn any sport, but it is also a lot of hard work. There are a lot of sports from which to choose, with most going with things like baseball,
  • Collecting Enamel Football Badges (Soccer Pins)  By : Sports Kerlectables
    The collecting of enamel badges or medals is not a recent phenomenon; however, it is only in the last few years that they have received the attention they deserve.

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