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  • The Superior Energy of Personalized Trophies  By : Edward Hill
    An customized trophy is a profitable means of offering spectacular, but cheap awards for members who attain success in any match or sporting event.
  • Australian Sports  By : Johnmclay
    Sport in Australia is admired and prevalent. Throughout the country a wide variety of games are played. Sport is ‘Australia’s national religion’, this anonymously mentioned, describing the devotion and dedication of the Australian population.
  • Weird College Sports You Have Likely Never Heard Of  By : Aubrey Moulton
    Sure we’ve all watched plenty of football, hockey, baseball, and basketball plays, but have you ever seen a game of octopush? How about elephant polo? These games are not what we’d call typical, although I bet they’d be pretty amusing to check out. We are talking less obvious than than volleyball or track here, folks.
  • The National Sports Collectors Convention: A History  By : Frank James Howard
    Back in 1980 an assortment of sports card collectors assembled in Los Angeles for what later became known as the 1st National Sports Collectors Convention.
  • The differences in Pool Cues explained  By : George Pennwood
    Pool cues vary depending which country you are in. English pool cues have small tips of eight to nine millimetres, whereas American pool cues typically are 13 millimetres. Other differences between pool cues come in the shafts. Cues in the UK gradually decrease in diameter from the butt to the tip while cues used in the States frequently are the same diameter for two feet or so before increasing to the butt end. This is to accommodate the different styles of playing the game. Whilst aficionados
  • Baseball vs. Football  By : Jamie Hanson
    In the mid-seventies, English immigrants brought the traditional format of baseball to North America ...
  • Everything About Bowling Sport - Discover Practical Resources  By : Nathan Knightley
    Many times, bowlers have been compared (unfairly, in my opinion) to golfers in terms of their lack of fashion sense. While I could understand how some people
  • Warning: Skis And Skiing - Find Helpful Secrets Now  By : Nathan Knightley
    It seems easy to do when you watch downhill skiers on TV. They make it look so effortless, unless they take a fall of course. Cross Country skiing came first
  • The History of the Trampoline  By : Isla Campbell
    The early origins of the trampoline are open to some debate although it is said that the Inuit people developed an early form of the apparatus, using a walrus skin to toss each other into the air. There is also evidence of some people in Europe being thrown into the air by a number of people holding a blanket such as Sancho Panza in the novel Don Quixote.

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