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  • One of Britain's Rarest Stamps  By : Adrian Roose
    The 2d Tyrian Plum is one of the most celebrated stamps of Great Britain and a key stamp in any rare stamp investment portfolio.
  • A Hobbyist's Guide To Stamp Collecting Supplies  By : Mike Selvon
    Philatelists know that protecting their investment with proper stamp collecting supplies could mean the difference between getting $60 for a stamp or getting $600.
  • Stamps, Stamps, Stamps!  By : Warren Wong
    Collectors come in all sizes, shapes and ages, range from the wealthiest to the most humble, the obsessive to the most casual, and gather anything from the obvious to the odd. In short, if it exists, someone will collect it, and usually proudly display it.
  • The U.S. Mail In History  By : Ann Knapp
    With an act of the Second Continental Congress in 1775, the birth of the Post Office Department, predecessor to the U.S. Postal Service, was put into place. According to the Congressional act, "a line of posts [should] be appointed under the direction of the Postmaster general, from Falmouth in New England to Savannah in Georgia, with as many cross posts as he shall think fit."
  • Mail on the Move: Where That Stamp Sends Your Letter  By : Ann Knapp
    More than 700 million pieces of mail are sorted and delivered by the Postal Service each delivery day. But how does each piece get from point A to point B? Follow the fast and furious travels of a mailpiece.
  • A Brief Look at the Origin of the Postage Stamp  By : Jimmy Cox
    In 1837 Sir Rowland Hill, after having completed exhaustive studies of the postal service then in effect, made public his revolutionary idea, the stamp. This was, reduced to its simplest expression, merely the fact that it cost no more to deliver a letter a hundred miles than it did to deliver one a few city blocks.
  • Collectible Postage Stamps  By : Tony Robinson
    Collectible postage stamps aren’t necessarily the highest dollar value - or most valuable stamps. Virtually all stamps will feature something that appeals to a stamp collector, instantly making the item a collectible. Whilst most collectors aspire to own stamps worth large sums of money, many who enjoy the hobby simply collect and/or purchase stamps they find visually interesting.
  • An Introduction to Postage Stamp Collecting  By : Mathieu Deprez
    This article gives an overview of the hobby of stamp collecting, explaining for example the different types of stamps there are.
  • French Stamps : Insight Into the Stamps of France  By : Mathieu Deprez
    This article gives a unique insight into the world of French stamps and French stamp collecting. You will find lots of useful information to start a collection on the right foot.
  • The Most Expensive Stamps  By : Mathieu Deprez
    A quick review of some of the most expensive stamps in the world.
  • The Early Postal System and First Stamp  By : Mathieu Deprez
    The very first stamp, the penny black, was issued on May 6, 1840 in Great Britain. The invention of the postage stamp is attributed to Sir Rowland Hill. The idea of a stamp as a prepaid method for sending mail is actually older than that: “Cavallini" were used as soon as 1819 by the Sardinian post.
  • Old Stamps - Impressions At A Stamp Exhibition  By : Eric Lim
    Walking through the rows of old postage stamps flooded my mind with a mix of memories of momentous events, of the rise and fall of great empires, some of which have occurred in my lifetime. These were some of the pictures of stamps that caught my eye.
  • Stamp Collecting - Not Just for Kids  By : Paul
    Starting a stamp collection can be a rewarding and fun hobby. Not just for kids anymore, stamp collecting - or philately - has become one of the world’s oldest and most popular forms of collecting. The advantages of stamp collecting include:
  • History of the United States Postal Service  By : Ellen Bell
    Learn about the history of our U.S. Postal Service, from its humble beginnings to the large-scale organization we know today. We’ll cover the major milestones in this brief history of the USPS.
  • Stamp Collecting Basics  By : Albreht Moy
    Stamp collecting is the most popular hobby in the world. Philately is a broader term for the study of stamps, and it is frequently - but wrongly - equated to stamp collecting.
  • Stamp Collecting - More Early Stamp History  By : Kevin Bauer
    The use of adhesive postage stamps began in the early 1840's. Britain was the first country to introduce the postal stamp as a means of paying for letters to be sent through the post office. Soon after this other countries and private organisations began issuing their own postage stamps.
  • Stamp Collecting - The First Stamps  By : Kevin Bauer
    Most stamp collectors agree that the first adhesive postage stamps were the world famous Penny Black and Twopence Blue issued in Great Britain. They were in use from the 6th May 1840 and changed the face of the postal business.
  • Stamps Collecting has Never Been So Easy  By : Bob Benson
    Collecting stamps has been a popular pastime ever since there were stamps to collect. Collecting stamps has never been easier and collecting isn't just for the gray-haired gentleman who spends his days poring over his stamps.
  • 10 Really Low-Cost Ways to Start Your Stamp Collection  By : Joan Yankowitz
    Stamp collecting doesn't have to be an expensive hobby. You can enjoy collecting stamps with limited financial resources. Here are 10 really low-cost ways to start stamp collecting.
  • Stamp Collecting - A Hobby Like No Other  By : Jim Brown
    Stamp collecting does not require any special equipment except for the storage of the stamps. Some collectors improvise albums and boxes that are humidity, light and heat proof. Albums can be arranged according to categories at the discretion of the collectors.
  • Collect Stamps: Another Market Has Opened Up For You  By : David L Stargel
    Buying postage stamps online may be a great idea for
    entrepreneurs who want the convenience of being able to print
    their own postage in their homes or places of business.
    It's an idea which has, in fact, been endorsed by none
    other than the United States Postal Service, which has licensed
    several online postage stamp vendors.
  • The Glory Decade of Stamp Collecting  By : David L Stargel
    If you participated in the US housing market boom which occurred
    between 2001 and 2005, you might have an idea of just how much
    money can be made when speculative fever sweeps through a
    particular market sector.
  • The History of United States Postage Stamps  By : Mike Selvon
    With the largest motorized fleet in the US, the postal service has come a long way since the meager pony express. Collectors of colonial stamps are generally handsomely rewarded for their hawk's eye, as some of these stamps can go for $2 to $3 Million new! Read on to learn more about the fascinating history of United States postage stamps.
  • Collecting Stamps  By : Fiona Whealer
    Collecting stamps is a hobby that interests kids and adults alike all over the world. You can begin a stamp collection easily enough; just start collecting interesting and unusual stamps that you find. When you start out, you may want to begin by spending as little money as possible, just enough to get your feet wet and begin to build a collection.

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