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  • The Science of 3D Glasses  By : Scott Darnell
    3D Glasses - How Do They Work?

    A truly astounding binocular vision system based around having two eyes is present in most human beings. If the objects are not more than 20 feet away (in most cases, the distance should be 6 to 7 meters) The binocular vision system, Away, will show us how far away an object is with good accuracy. To illustrate, we have the capacity to immediately determine the relative and absolute distances of any number of object that may fall within our field of vision. Using one eye to look at the work reduces ones depth perception as distance can only be perceived by relying on visual clues, as opposed to stereoscopic perception that occurs using both eyes.

    To observe what differentiation the binocular vision system creates, have a friend toss you a ball and aim to grab hold of it keeping your eye closed. In addition, attempt it at night or a fairly dark location, the difference will be more apparent. Because of the correlation betwen the eyes and the brain it's more difficult to catch a ball with one eye open than two.

    The premise of binocular is based in the fact that there is a gap of 2 inches between our eyes. (5 cm) at a distance. Consequently, both eyes see the world from a somewhat different view, your brains binocular vision system uses the dissimilarity to determine distance. The brain possesses the capability to connect the images seen through the two eyes even if they are somewhat unlike. The correlator may distinguish items in the pair of scenes it views and determine the distance between the item in the pair of images. Objects that are farther apart in the two images are closer than objects that are not so far apart.

    If you have ever used a View-Master or a stereoscopic viewer, you have seen your binocular vision system in action. When looking in a View-Master, an image is presented to each eye and although it is the same image, it has been captured by two different camera in different positions. You eyes will actually correlate these images even though each eye sees only one of the images.

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