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  • Beware Scam and Fraud When Ordering Marble Granite Stone Directly from China  By : jonwang
    More and more businesses and home owners are ordering building stones and architectural stone directly from China for significant saving. Do you know that you are exposing to great financial risks when performing such cross border trade? Scam and fraud originating in China business arena has caused American consumers to suffer a great deal of financial losses.
  • Beautify your Dream Home with Natural Limestone  By : Petersams
    Ancaster hard white, Ancaster Weather bed mix, Sierra white and Portland natural limestone are some of the types which you can choose from for house design. Like the Ancaster hard white natural limestone, this is a Jurassic type of limestone making it durable and dependable. With natural limestone, your dream home is achieved.
  • Choosing the Design for your Home with Natural Limestone  By : Petersams
    Natural limestone has the natural elegance and durability that fits designing not only a home but the most prestigious buildings. Some types of natural limestone for home design are Ancaster hard white, Ancaster Weather bed Mix, Sierra White, Portland and Bath. If you want to have the ideal home, use natural limestone for your home design.
  • Marble, Granite, Travertine and other Natural Stones  By : jonwang
    Natural stones are abundant in the world, which can be in general categorized into sedimentary, igneous and metamorphosed rocks in the geological sense. This article talks about the characteristics and applications of major natural stones.
  • Cultured Stone Versus Natural Stone Fireplaces: Pros and Cons  By : Petersams
    The look of cultured stone is composed of stone aggregates, dyes and lightweight cement. Real stone requires laborious craftsmanship, as is normal for every natural limestone work. Faux stone veneers look and feel like real stone, and enables stunning stone fireplaces to be built at a fraction of the cost of traditional stone.
  • A Natural Limestone Fireplace: The Sturdy Investment for Your Home  By : Petersams
    No two pieces of natural limestone is identical in terms of physical structure. Limestone is sedimentary rock composed of calcium carbonate CaCO3. The degree of originality of the stone results to limestone fireplaces will never be able to match each other.
  • Rainscreen and the increasing demand in the architectural system  By : Petersams
    Rainscreen is one of the latest technologies used by the real estate and architecture industry to meet the new standards in housing. This therefore can be a great challenge to suppliers of rainscreen.

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