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  • MBT Shoes  By : Dave Articlesubmit
    It is hard to believe that anything so inherently ugly as the MBT shoe could ever catch on with either the younger generation or the fitness fanatics but it has. The shoes or I suppose they should be called trainers have thick curved soles and wide straps across the front. Currently the are available in over 20 countries and have sold more than a million pairs a year. Considering that they have a price tag of around $200 it is even more remarkable.
  • The Creation of St. Petersburg  By : Eduard
    In July 1991 the city of Leningrad overturned seventy-seven years of socialist and communist rule by resuming its original name, St. Petersburg. An important centre for science, art and industry, this great city was the Russian capital for over two hundred years, gaining the nickname 'The Venice of the North'. However, at the start of the eighteenth century, St. Petersburg did not exist.
  • Barcelona Architecture  By : Gen Wright
    Barcelona! A City that never sleeps. Filled with joy and culture is the best place for any person to spend few days during spring. This vivid travel guide will reveal some secrets that can be found of great benefit for the young tourists of the magnificent city of Barcelona.
  • Vienna Architecture  By : Gen Wright
    Ever wanted to see how the home of Mozart looks like? Take this travel guide and use the best of it for your trip to the magnificent city of Vienna.
  • Milan Architecture  By : Gen Wright
    A very informative and fun to read article about the magnificent city of Milan and its breathtaking tourist attractions.
  • Architectural Pillars Trace Back to Roman Times  By : Kristi Ambrose
    The Roman influence was frequently seen throughout the Middle Ages in places such as Palaces and cathedrals in churches. A lot of these incredible buildings have survived since the modern times (as has The Colosseum) and still stand to this day!
  • Greek Architecture  By : Kristy Annely
    Architecture in ancient Greece was usually done with wood or mud-bricks, so their ground plans are the only evidence of their existence. Greeks established most of the most enduring themes, attitudes, and forms of western culture.
  • Gothic Architecture  By : Kristy Annely
    Gothic architecture is a style that began in France during the 12th century. It was particularly associated with cathedrals and other churches. In Florence, Italy, the Gothic style became widespread in the 15th century AD. England could see a series of Gothic revivals in the mid 19th century and it spread across other parts of Europe.
  • Roman Architecture  By : Kristy Annely
    Roman architecture is a fusion of traditional Greek and the Etruscan elements, where arches were developed and horizontal beams were supported by columns. Later, three dimensional counterpart of the arch, namely the dome was introduced. Apart from this, Roman architects found their inspiration from the Greek architecture at large.
  • History of the Parthenon  By : smitharticles
    Greece’s famous Parthenon is one of the most instantly recognizable structures in the world. With its scarred but still-elegant white columns and imposing position on top of a rocky Athenian hill, many modern architects consider the Parthenon to be architectural perfection.

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