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  • Smart Teddy Bear Collecting  By : Lee MacRae
    Teddy bear colecting can be a fun filled and yet rewarding hobby. Here are some great tips and hints to help you get started in collecting new, vintage or antique Teddy Bears.
  • Teddy Bear Facts  By : Marie Wakefield
    The teddy bear is so hugely popular, personifying the spirit of childhood-that the citizenry of three countries, America, Britain and Germany, lay claim to inventing them.
  • The History of Boyds Bears  By : Taylor Martinerin
    Boyds Bears started almost three decades ago in Maryland. Some people believe they got their name from the creator of the bears, but that's not the case. Boyds Bears are named after the town in Maryland where they began their upward road to becoming some of the most sought after Teddy Bears in the world.
  • Collecting Teddy Bears--A Profitable Hobby  By : John Mowatt
    Collecting teddy bears is a really great hobby. It often starts with your childhood teddy bear since many people find it hard to part with their "friend". They will keep it around for years and this makes a pretty good starting point for a collection of teddies.
  • What are Webkinz?  By : Dave Simpson
    The hottest toys this year are Webkinz . But what are Webkinz I hear you ask? Well, Webkinz are stuffed toys, but with a difference. The reason Webkinz are special is that each one comes with its own unique code that lets you gain access to Webkinz World.
  • The Strange Story of Barney and Mabel  By : Phil Arnold
    Mabel was a 1909 Steiff teddy bear once owned by Elvis Presley. Rich English aristocrat Sir Benjamin Slade purchased Mabel for $75,000, but he quickly loaned it to an exhibit of rare teddy bears.

    Barney was a highly trained Doberman guard dog at the exhibit. You won’t believe what happened one night.
  • Irresistible Teddybears  By : Maureen Page
    As one of the most popular brands, Steiff teddy bears are the most sought after teddy bears. They are known for their quality, creativity and beauty. They are also expensive at the same time. But this does not discourage the teddy bear lovers from buying more and more Steiff teddy bears.
  • Collectible Bears Vie with Collectible Dolls for Collectors' Hearts  By : Chris Robertson
    Collectible porcelain dolls are beautiful, baby dolls are adorable and artist dolls can be breathtaking. But for many people, collectible bears can't be beat for sheer heartwarming hug-ability. Their cuddliness and reassuring eyes are comforting, while their soft fur begs to be touched and squeezed.
  • From Immigrant to American Toy Producing Leader- The Gund Story  By : Sharon Lauer
    For over 100 years the name Gund has been synonomous with quality, baby-safe plush products. The oldest and leading soft toy manufacturer in the United States, the Gund story is one of a family owned-business leading the industry in quality, safety and unique design.
  • The Origin Of The Teddy Bear  By : Stephen Church
    Teddy Bears have been among the world's favourite child's toy
    for over a hundred years, and, as the years pass, they don't
    just get shoved to the back of the toy cupboard. Adults of all
    ages and both genders are often happy to admit that their
    favourite moth-eaten old teddy still holds of pride of place on
    the bedroom mantlepiece.
  • The History of Teddy Bears  By : David Chandler
    Teddy bears have been around since 1902. The teddy bear came to being when President Theodore Roosevelt refused to shot a black bear held captive by his hunting party. Also worth noting is that President Roosevelt's refusal to shoot this captive bear became a very popular political cartoon by Cliff Barryman.
  • Teddy Bear History  By : Sharon Lauer
    It's hard to find someone who hasn't had a special toy. Seems everyone has had a special friend that's been with them forever, listening and comforting them. For many that friend came in the form of a TEDDY BEAR.
  • The Steiff Teddy Bear Story  By : Sharon Lauer
    In 1847 in a small town in Giengen, Germany a baby girl was born. She was named Margaret Steiff. Her childhood vigor was cut short when she contracted polio at the age of 2. Although confined to a wheelchair for the rest of her life, she became a model for strength and determination.

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