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  • Binoculars Their Purchase And Care  By : Ray Cummings
    Of all the optical instruments, binoculars tend to be the most extensively used by tourists, sports enthusiasts, fisherman and also hunters.
  • Amateur Telescope Making  By : Jimmy Cox
    In the past there has been considerable discussion by those involved in amateur telescope making on the relative merits of reflector and refractor. From the standpoint of professional astronomers, there is no serious competition between them, as each type supplements the other in a well-rounded observing program.
  • Antique Telescope  By : Roger L Smith
    The antique telescope was purchased in large quantities by sailors, the military and astronomers. However due to the fragile glass optics and the brass tubes that were easy to dent, not a large amount of these telescopes are to be found today.
  • Should you buy a Reflector or a Refractor Telescope? A Guide and Advice  By : Will Kalif
    This article takes a look at the two main types of telescopes and explains the benefits of each. It will help you purchase a telescope that is right for your needs, budget, and wants.
  • Types of Telescopes and What Are The Advantages Of Each  By : Jeremy Hier
    Refractors, Newtonian reflectors and Catadioptrics are the three main types of telescopes. All these different types have the same purpose, but each telescope design does it differently. Collecting light and bringing it to a point of focus so it can be magnified and examined with an eyepiece is their goal.
  • History of Edwin Hubble  By : Anne Noonan
    Edwin Hubble was born in 1889 in Mansfield, Missouri. He lived there with his family until they moved to Chicago in 1898.
  • Hubble Space Telescope History  By : Guy Scott
    The Hubble Space Telescope has allowed scientists and the rest of the world a look into outer space that was not even imagined one hundred years ago. In fact, it is only in the last one hundred years that it was discovered that there are millions of galaxies beyond ours and that the universe is constantly expanding.

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