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  • Engraving using Lasers  By : Jamie Hanson
    Engraving is an art to carve, cut or etch into a material or surface of wood, granite, marble, metal, plastics, glass or ceramics. This is a precision work requiring a high degree of accuracy and consistency, and is done by highly skilled people, adept in this art.
  • Linen - The What, The When And The Why  By : Gen Wright
    Most cloth items used in a British household are referred to as "linens". On the Internet, we hear about silk linen, hemp linen, so on and so forth.
  • Transform Your Home with Tapestries and Throws  By : Susan Kramper
    Tapestry goods can be used in a multitude of ways to decorate your home in your own unique style. Tapestries and throws are a magnificent way to add color and elegance to an otherwise dull sofa or boring wall.
  • Learn How To Make A Tutu  By : James Morgan
    I have written this brief critique to provide you a few basic ideas on how to make a tutu. If you have ever observed a Ballerina then the wide fluffy looking skirt is the type of tutu I am talking about now. You can either craft it rigid simply like the Ballet dancer or supple and lively which would be more apt for a small person or as an supplement to a set of clothes.
  • How to Deal With Old Sweaters  By : Eve
    You likely have some sweaters thrown in the back of your closet, damaged with a stain, moth hole or two. Instead of tossing old and unused sweaters, turn them into something new and completely lovable. You can also look for cheap sweaters at the thrift store. Old sweater crafts materials, technology to save money, help reduce your household waste.
  • Granny Square Crochet  By : Tambia Jackson
    With the renewed interest in crochet, brought about because of being used in fashion statement clothing, and the long-running interest in anything antique, vintage, or nostalgic, - most easily recognizable in the patchwork quilting phenomenon - there has also come a growing interest in crochet in general, and the making of rugs, shawls, throws, etc. in the style which has become popularly known as 'Granny Square Crochet'.
  • Batik making process  By : Jamie Hanson
    Batik is a traditional process that uses wax-resist technique in its making. Wax resist methods prevents the dye from spreading to ...

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