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  • Development And History Of Nylon  By : karl donald
    It has been said that the introduction of nylon in the market was never supposed to have the current miscellaneous degrees of application in the industry as well as in textiles. This lack of vision remained there for years until understanding of the vast utility of this synthetic polyamide was realized and approves with the help of research and growth.
  • The History of Mannequins  By : Mufazzal Hussain Robel
    There are records as early as 1300 BC of mannequin forms in ancient Egyptian tombs. There were life-size, miniature and oversized replicas of the human form. Some imitated kings and others the forms of gods. The purpose of these was obviously not the display of clothing, but rather they held deep religious and historical significance. Though these tomb vigils were not designed for the purpose of
  • About Antique Tapestries  By : Jack M Patterson
    Tapestries have a rich history that dates back to the 16th century. Weaving has been done as far back as ancient Greek times. Originally, tapestries were used as large wall hangings that helped to keep out cold drafts. They were often woven to depict a historical event. Sometimes tapestries were used to make copies of famous paintings.
  • Guide To Vintage Pattern Terminology  By : Joyce Boulan
    If you are considering sewing with vintage patterns, then you will definitely want to learn the terminology. Vintage patterns come with vintage terminology, not all of which may be familiar. Here are some of the terms you might encounter.

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