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  • How to Take Proper Care of Humidors  By : Stewart Cobb
    Humidors are spaces (in the form of boxes or specialized buildings) with controlled humidity conditions, used for storage of things that sensitive to humidity fluctuations, and especially tobacco products like cigars and cigarettes.
  • Essential Accessories for a Cigar Connoisseur  By : Cigar1
    It is not hard to recognize a cigar connoisseur when you see one. Picture this: the cigars are perfectly maintained, each with the flavor preserved to perfection and their color well-balanced with expert precision.
  • Peak Flavor of Cigars: How to Maintain It  By : Cigar1
    The cigar in your hand is your favorite thickness, favorite length, and the taste puts you in a good mood even on a rotten day,cigars get better with age, if maintained properly. This can be accomplished with a humidor,which preserves the cigarís ultimate flavor and prevents damage.
  • Quality Cigars: What to Look For  By : Cigar1
    Whether you are looking for a thoughtful gift for someone special, or a treat to savor for yourself, buying a quality cigar merits a careful selection process. Like most of the finer things in life, there are countless factors involved in choosing a quality cigar.
  • Treat Your Cigars Well with a Quality Humidor  By : Cigar1
    A cigar humidor is a container that is used to store and preserve cigars. They are often wooden boxes that come in various sizes based on the number of cigars they are designed to hold, from a handful to several hundred or more.
  • Varieties of Cigars: A Brief Guide  By : Cigar1
    The wrapper is the outside layer of the cigar. As its name implies, it contains the contents of the cigar in a tight womb, binding it together. The wrapper is usually made of the larger and lower pieces of the tobacco plant.
  • The Cuba Code and Separating True Cuban Cigars From Fakes  By : Garson Smart
    Cuban cigars: for a cigar aficionado, the ultimate forbidden fruit is to get Cuban cigars. A minimum of, that's true if you live in the United States, that has long embargoed nearly all trade and travel with the Communist island republic, that prevents the ability to buy Cuban cigars.
  • Cigar Tobacco As A Troubled Investorís Favorite  By : Garson Smart
    If cigar magazines like Cigar Aficionado plus Smoke may be believed--and demographic studies indicate which, on this issue, they can--premium cigar smokers are the sorts of folk who additionally make savvy investments.
  • Rediscovered Twain Essay Talks Cigars  By : Garson Smart
    Fully anyone who is aware of something concerning Yank literature is aware of which there's a ton more to Mark Twain than Huck Finn. There is his witty and iconoclastic essays ("Fenimore Cooper's Literary Offenses"; "Corn-Pone Opinions"), his uproarious and scathing book reviews ("What Paul Bourget Thinks of Us"), his fierce anti-imperialism plus advocacy for the rights of women plus minorities (Following the Equator); his anti-spiritual writings (Letters From the Earth). But what even lots of fans don't know is that a good pile of Twain's writings still has not seen publication--until now.
  • Cigar Sampler Choice Recommendation and Insight  By : Garson Smart
    Traditionally, cigar aficionados have solely been able to get cigars by the box. This created conundrums for those who love to procure a brilliant smoke without incurring a big risk. If you splurge on a box of premium cigars, even if they are discount premium cigars, you'll very well attain yourself smoking the 1st 1--only to find out which it really wasn't what you wanted. Whether or not it's a terribly sensible cigar (that's what "premium" means that), if it isn't to your style, you have eleven extra cigars that you simply aren't notably motivated to smoke, and you are out the cost of an entire box.
  • Witty News From The World Of Cigars  By : Garson Smart
    Premium cigar aficionados need a great laugh as much as anybody--especially in these troubled economic times. So here are a few of the most current news stories touching on the world of premium cigars. Think of these the jests in Lady Nicotine's court.
  • Log Cabins And Lincoln Rear Ends: The Strange World Of Collectible Cigar Boxes  By : Ann Knapp
    The novelty cigar box began with a Federal decision in 1878, when postal codes were changed to allow packages of cigars (a heavily-regulated good, in the post-Civil War economy) to be mailed in any shape or size, as long as you could still put a stamp on 'em. This legislative loosening just happened to come along at a moment when new tobaccos were being developed and demand, stimulated by a generation of Union soldiers who'd had to pass through tobacco country and acquired the smoking habit.
  • How To Build A Cigar Memorabilia Collection  By : Ann Knapp
    Many cigar smokers throw out those paper bands encircling their favorite stogies on the way to smoking them. As for the boxes the cigars come in - what about them? Old cigar advertisements, humidors that no longer humidify, and other cigar-related accoutrement are often subject to the same ignoble fate. But for others that cigar band, that old humidor, that cigar box, are all bits of history - collectibles that evoke the magic and mystery of smoking.
  • Great Quotes In The History Of Cigars  By : Ann Knapp
    Every great pastime inspires its own rich history and lore, including its own library of great sayings - though these are often edited a little by tradition.
    In sports, there's Yogi Berra's "It ain't over till it's over." In classical music, expressing a similar sentiment: "It ain't over till the fat lady sings."
  • Novelty Cigar Boxes: The Second Wave  By : Ann Knapp
    The novelty cigar box began with a Federal decision in 1878, when postal codes were changed to allow packages of cigars (a heavily-regulated good, in the post-Civil War economy) to be mailed in any shape or size, as long as you could still put a stamp on 'em. This legislative loosening just happened to come along at a moment when new tobaccos were being developed and demand, stimulated by a generation of Union soldiers who'd had to pass through tobacco country and acquired the smoking habit.
  • How To Tell A Real Cuban Cigar From The Fakers  By : Ann Knapp
    Cuba was involved, then, in the very birth of the cigar. From early on - 1830 or so - much of the region's tobacco was grown in the Vuelta Abajo (or Vueltabajo) district of Pinar del Rio Province, in the shadow of the Organos Mountains. This area is considered a "microclimate" - its climate differs from the area surrounding it - perhaps because of the influence of the mountains; for whatever
  • Cigars And Music: A Natural Combination  By : Ann Knapp
    Or maybe it's because both cigars and music are contemplative pleasures. A casual smoker can get a quick tobacco-fix from a cheap cigarette, just as a casual music listener can enjoy the background hum of pop songs on the car radio. But to really enjoy a great performance, or a good tobacco, sitting still and paying attention are necessary.
  • Nicaragua: The Tobacco-Producing Country That Endures  By : Ann Knapp
    To cigar smokers, Nicaragua is already legendary. Through regime change, social upheaval, and revolution, this Latin American nation has produced some of the world's finest tobacco. And since the post-1959 "cigar diaspora" - when many of Cuba's great cigar makers fled the country to seek more propitious conditions than those they expected to find under Castro - it's produced many of the world's
  • V-Cutter, Cigar Guillotine Or What? A Cigar Smoker's Weapon Of Choice  By : Ann Knapp
    The cigar cap (as the blunt end of the cigar which must be removed is called) is there for a reason: it helps keep the cigar fresh in storage. Thanks to the cap's presence, the ends of the tobacco leaves that you're about to burn haven't touched air since the cigar was rolled, and they're ready to undergo a nice, clean, controlled burn, yielding you a great taste.
  • The Proper Care and Feeding Of Cigars  By : Ann Knapp
    Cigars shouldn't be overpacked in a humidor (allow a little air to circulate between them to prevent mold), and the temperature in the box shouldn't exceed seventy-five degrees. (A species of beetle known as the tobacco beetle, which preys on tobacco and can bore through some kinds of humidors, is able to survive at temperatures over seventy-five degrees.)
  • Mixing It Up: Food And Drinks That Go Well With Cigars  By : Ann Knapp
    The question about beverages is easiest to answer: Wine, the finer the better. After all, the two items make a kind of sense together: they're both somewhat acquired tastes, they both benefit from aging, and they both need to be savored, not rushed. Many experts recommend red wine, especially rich red wines such as port.
  • Going, Going, Gone...Through The Roof!: Cigar Prices At Auction  By : Ann Knapp
    Pre-embargo cigars (the only kind on which Americans could legally bid) escalated in price, going in some cases for over $2500, and this market outlook in turn encouraged some longtime cigar collectors to loosen their grip on their prize smokes. The number of cigars available at auction grew alongside the prices these boxes might fetch.
  • How Are Cigars Rated?  By : Ann Knapp
    The cigar ratings supplied by publications like Cigar Magazine and Cigar Aficionado form an important part of the modern cigar industry. For cigar smokers, these ratings provide guidance in a crowded market. But where do these numbers actually come from?
  • Tobacco: The Rich-Tasting, Smokable Part Of Virginia History  By : Ann Knapp
    Often, the huge importance of tobacco to the development of the American nation-state is overlooked as part of the basic narrative of American history. Unfortunately, this means some Americans do tend to forget that two of the giants of early United States politics--George Washington and Thomas Jefferson--were tobacco farmers for a living.
  • Some Of 2008's Top Cigars  By : Ann Knapp
    The end of 2008 has induced the same kind of retrospective mood among cigar devotees--with the result that people who write for cigar publications and blogs are trying to argue out which of the cigars introduced during the past year provided the richest, most satisfying smoking experience. Without serving as final arbiter among such judgments, here are some names that have popped up multiple times
  • Holy Smoke!: When Tobacco Was A Religious Ritual  By : Ann Knapp
    Many cigar smokers know that their chosen indulgence was once, for many Native American groups, part of religious ceremonies. But do they also know that as late as 1586, one British scientist was so taken with the mind- and feeling-altering powers of tobacco as to call it a "holy smoke"?
  • Stories Of The Cigar Companies: Camacho  By : Ann Knapp
    Famous literary critic Harold Bloom (as seen on TV, elderly, wild-haired and wild-eyed, pounding some talk show's table on behalf of the Great Books) likes to argue that all of literary history comes down to competition and struggle. Each poet (or novelist, or essayist) must fight against some privileged, influential ancestor, trying to emerge from the earlier writer's giant shadow.
  • The History (And Value) Of Cigar Bands  By : Ann Knapp
    What is the cigar band, and how did it become so important? As is so often true when it comes to cigars, the story begins in Cuba - early-19th-century Cuba, to be exact, when that island nation had already come to be recognize as the cigar capital of the world. At that time cigar packaging was minimal - often no more than a wooden barrel or box, with the manufacturer's name inscribed.
  • Quality Cigar Humidor - What To Look for When Buying  By : Stephen Malan
    It doesn't make a lot of sense to buy expensive cigars and then trust their care to a not-so-worthy cigar humidor! In this article we will try to convey the most important elements in selecting a quality cigar humidor.
  • Cuban cigar brands that the world loves  By : Jibran Qazi
    Cuban cigars are truly the best cigars around. Almost like a gift from the cigar gods, it can only be created in Cuba (Due to their perfect tobacco temperature). Discover the best of the best Cuban Cigars.
  • The History of Hookah  By : Michel Thomson
    The Hookah, commonly referred to as "Shisha" or "Nargila" in Arab countries, first originated in India. A common misconception about hookah is that it was invented by Arabs and was distributed to other regions. However, the Indians conceived this single or multi-stemmed water pipe, and through the British colonization of India, it was distributed throughout Western countries.
  • Storing Cigars The Right Way  By : June Beezy
    They say that wine only gets better with age, well so does a Cuban cigar. The aging of Cuban cigars just ads further to the mystique of a fine Cuban. One of the well known Cuban cigar brands such as the Cohiba, actually contain tobacco that has been aged for a minimum 5 years.
  • The History and Antiquity of the Tobacco Habit - 1912  By : Herbert H. Tidswell, M.D
    In 1654 the Council of one of the Swiss cantons cited all smokers before them; every innkeeper was ordered to inform against all those who were found smoking in their houses. But not only legislators, but philosophers, entered into a crusade against tobacco."
    King James I. [1603-1625] had a strong dislike of smoking, and wrote a book to condemn its use. Here follows an extract from his famous "Counterblaste [(London: R. Barker, 1604)]".
  • The Use And Abuse of Tobacco - 1859  By : John Lizars, M.D.
    It is generally agreed that the use of tobacco in Europe, as a meaning of inebriation, originated in the introduction of the leaves of the plant into Spain from America. There is every reason to suppose that the plant previously existed in Asia, if not from the earliest times, though we have no very reliable authority for its having been used, at least to any great extent, for any of the purposes to which we have devoted it.
  • THE MYSTERIES OF TOBACCO - 1851  By : Rev. Benjamin I. Lane
    Published in 1851:
    In prosecuting this subject, we will attend first to the inquiry: What is Tobacco? It is, says the Encyclopedia Americana, "a nauseous and poisonous weed, of an acrid taste and disagreeable odor; in short, whose only properties are deleterious." Dr. [Joseph] Bigelow [1787-1879], in his American Medical Botany.
  • The Origins of the Cigar Store Indian  By : Jennifer Jordan
    For some cigar and tobacco shops, a Cigar Store Indian sits outside the door. While this can easily be viewed as an unwanted stereotype on the Native American community, it is also a part of cigar and tobacco history.

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