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  • Kerala Backwaters - The Untouched Beauty.  By : Articlesubmitter
    Kerala backwater tour is a dream destination for honeymoon couples to make their marriage moments memorable. Houseboat tour, roaming at beaches and sea-shore makes life away from all discomforts. Alleppey and Kumarakom backwaters are tremendous network of rivers and canals which finally meets into Vembanad Lake and itís a enchanting and fabulous backwater destination very special for honeymoon couples .Your honey moon in Kerala is useless if you missed Kettuvallam.
  • Mahakumbh Mela 2010 - Exotic Fest of India  By : Articlesubmitter
    Mahakumbh Mela is considered to be the most pious and sacred festival in India as it is being celebrates in India since centuries. Mahakumbh Mela pertains a great mythological importance because faiths,customs, traditions of Indian people revolves around it. Itís a great get together of millions of people from all parts of India who comes to take part in it.
  • Majestic Rajasthan -The Desert Jewel  By : Articlesubmitter
    The art and culture of Rajasthan is its own and is developed under the quality parameters and standards of their own traditions. Each region of Rajasthan has different and diverse form of art and culture. Folk dances of Rajasthan provides new dimensions to the culture of Rajasthan and the strange fact is that this variation changes at every outset with different outlooks .
  • Srinagar India  By : Honey murpaane
    Srinagar is located on the north-west of the Himalayas and is capital of Himachal Pradesh. Many people tour Srinagar, Himachal Pradesh as it is quite close to the neighbouring states of Punjab, Harayana, Delhi, and Jammu and Kashmir. Srinagar, the summer capital of the British India, is situated at a height of 2,196 metres. While the British have left, the echoes linger on. today, its well developed facilities, easy accessibility and many attractions make it one of India's most popular resorts.
  • Travel Information of Agra  By : Honey murpaane
    Dharamsala over looks the plains and is surrounded by dense pine trees and Deodar forests. A nearby snowline with numerous streams and cool healthy atmosphere makes the surroundings very attractive. A busy bazaar town,
  • Tourism in Delhi India  By : Honey murpaane
    Delhi is adorned with powerful history, historical monuments, museums, galleries, panoramic gardens and cultural shows. Comprising into two distinct Delhi, the Old Delhi and the New Delhi. The wealth of Indian handicrafts can be enjoyed at the Crafts Museum at Pragati Maidan, at the State Emporia on Baba Kharak singh Marg, and at Dilli Haat, which is Delhi Tourism's popular venue for crafts bazaars throughout the year.
  • Tourist Attractions of Udaipur  By : Honey murpaane
    The "City of Sunrise," often described as the most romantic city in India, was built around four lakes, the placid blue waters reflecting ethereal white palaces and temples, beyond which shimmer the distant Aravalli Hills. Udaipur has a real sense of space and peace,
  • Manali Tourist Information  By : Honey murpaane
    Manali is situated in the central parts of Himachal Pradesh, Manali is 32 km from Kullu valley, 280 km north of the state capital Shimla and 108 km from Mandi. Manali is located at an altitude of 2050 meters above sea level and is spread along the banks of the river Beas.
  • Goa Tours- Explore beauty with a blend of culture.  By : Rodger Ewing
    Sun, sea and sand: these three words perhaps describe Goa to the fullest degree. Located in the western coastline of India, Goa is a land of enjoyment, pleasure and charm. By embarking on Goa tours, you can get a feel of the scenic beauty and cultural tradition of the state.
  • North India Tour  By : Rodger Ewing
    While travelling in India you can choose from a wide range of tour packages varying from Golden triangle tour to various honeymoon packages. The entire north Indian region offers various attractions to all the tourists. Be it adventure, natural beauty, culture-traditions, pilgrimages or solitude- north India has it all to promote India tourism.
  • Rajasthan- A Destination Offering Unmatched Royalty  By : Rodger Ewing
    'Rajasthan- A Destination Offering Unmatched Royalty' is an article featuring information on a unique luxurious train 'Palace on Wheel' and other luxurious establishments of Rajasthan. Offering absolute luxury and royalty, Palace on Wheels and opulent palaces and havelis in Rajasthan are the best choices for luxurious vacations.
  • Different Kinds of Weddings in India  By : Milton Doyle
    Wedding rituals and traditions of India are generally based on religion or society. It is the community that decides the kind of wedding ceremony a couple would have. In India, no matter, you are a part of which state, a wedding here is always celebrated as the most auspicious and grand occasion of oneís life
  • Taj Mahal - The Symbol of Love  By : Pradeep Toor
    India is well known for monument attractions, The Taj Mahal is one of them. It is a mausoleum situated in Agra built by Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan in sweet memory of his lovable wife, Mumtaz. So its also known as Mumtaz Mahal.
  • Nainital Hill Station Tour Information Tips  By : Priya Singh
    The club offers temporary membership, which entitles visitors to use the spacious dining room, lounge bar, billiards room, and deck. This club is the hub of Nainital's lively social life.
  • The Taj Legends  By : Mark1
    The Taj Mahal one of the best known symbols of India and undying love has also given rise to a number of myths and legends connected to it. It has stories of love and longing and horrifying cruelty and revenge woven round it. While it immortalizes the great Mughal emperor Shah Jahanís passionate love for his wife, Mumtaz Mahal, apparently haphazard placing of his own sarcophagus and the stories of
  • Tourist Attractions in India  By : Rhyme Machine
    The massive gatway of Amar Singh gate towards the south is the entry point of the fort. The myriad buildings and structures inside the fort give an impression of a city within the city. The marble pearl mosque inside the fort is one of the most beautiful mosques in India, while the two gardens within the pavilions are small but well kept.
  • Udaipur Travel Guide  By : Rhyme Machine
    Udaipur has some interesting sights in its vicinity. The Kumbhalgarh Fort is one of the most important forts in this area and from the top, you can have a good over view of the surroundings. In Ranakpur you can visit one of the most impressive Jain temples. A good option is also renting a bike for a day and set off for one of for one of other lakes in the vicinity or Shilpgram, an Ďethnographic cr
  • Udaipur Tourist Attractions  By : Rhyme Machine
    Udaipur offers numerous tourist attractions to gratify the thirst of tourists. Places of interest could be different for different persons and keeping this fact in mind, we have tried to provide you information regarding the best tourist attractions of Udaipur. The imperial city of Udaipur boasts of picturesque lakes, massive forts, beautiful palaces, art museums, well-laid gardens, architectural
  • Udaipur Temples  By : Rhyme Machine
    It shows that the foundation of this beautiful city is blessed by these temples. The temples also depict the spiritual and aesthetic nature of the city dwellers of Udaipur. Many of these temples are acknowledged as the holy pilgrimages of the Hindus. In Udaipur, Jagdish Temple is the well-known temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu. Around Udaipur, you can visit Eklingji Temple, Rishabdeo Temple, Ranakp
  • Hill Stations at Kerala  By : Rhyme Machine
    Far away from the din and bustle of the city life, the Kerala hills draped in green are still waiting to be discovered by the wayfaring tourist. Home to an exotic vegetation and rich wildlife, it is these hills that enrich our kitchens with the internationally famous spices. The cardamoms and cinnamons and pepper and cashews that long ago hypnotized traders from all over the world and drained royal treasures, are the harvests of these hills. If you have already tasted the snow capped magic of the Himalayas and the rugged charm of the Aravallis, it's the turn of the Western Ghats to play on your senses.
  • Kerala City Guide  By : Rhyme Machine
    Kerala is a state situated on the Malabar Coast of southwestern India. The Cities of Kerala are enclaved within the blue waters of the Arabian Sea and the sombre mountains of the Western Ghats. They are home to a range of birds, freshwater fishes, mammals and reptiles as well as a number of species of trees. The tropical forests and the gushing rivers work in unison to form a magnificent atmosphere that lulls every tourist. Some of the main rivers flowing through the Cities of Kerala are the Periyar, the Bharathapuzha, the Pamba, the Kadalundipuzha and the Achankovil.
  • How to Reach Kerala  By : Rhyme Machine
    Kerala, one of the most idyllic states of India, lies to the extreme southwest of Indian peninsula. It is flanked by the Arabian Sea on the west and the mountain ranges of the Western Ghats on the east. The state has been crisscrossed by a number of water bodies. This has given birth to internal water navigation systems, which also work as the major trade ways in the state. Kerala state is referred to as God's Own Country; state is a major tourist destination in India and is well connected with other parts of the country. Also being a popular destination in India and the world tourism map, Kerala is well accessible by air, rail and road.
  • Hotels in Kerala  By : Rhyme Machine
    The God's Own Country Kerala is the cherished destination for the travelers for its enchanting physical beauty,its alluring backwaters, rich cultural heritage finding expression in dance forms like Kathakali and the exotic beaches , wild life sanctuaries. One thing that also enchants the tourists are the hotels in Kerala. You will find not only luxury hotels in Kerala but also economy and budget hotels here.
  • Hill Stations in Kerala  By : Rhyme Machine
    The ancient land founded by the legendary mythological figure Rishi Parashuram, blessed with emerald backwaters and gold and silver beaches is Kerala- God's own country. With the Arabian Sea on the west and the Western Ghats on its east, Kerala is a treasure trove of indigenous cultural practices and art forms that have mesmerized people all over the world. Be it the age old Kathakali or the newly rediscovered Mohiniattyam or the knowledge of Ayurveda . Basking in the generosity of the sun and rain the climate of Kerala supports a lush vegetation and a wide array of wildlife unlike anywhere else in the country. This miraculously unspoiled serene wilderness is all nature lovers' paradise and rapidly gaining momentum as a popular tourist hub in and around the country. Though shadowed by the fabled beauty of the beaches and backwaters, the hill stations in Kerala on the Western Ghats are the repository of a different kind of wealth displayed in oblivion and irrespective of human interest.
  • Kerala Travel Guide  By : Rhyme Machine
    Kerala is a state situated on the Malabar Coast of southwestern India. The Cities of Kerala are enclaved within the blue waters of the Arabian Sea and the sombre mountains of the Western Ghats. They are home to a range of birds, freshwater fishes, mammals and reptiles as well as a number of species of trees. The tropical forests and the gushing rivers work in unison to form a magnificent atmosphere that lulls every tourist. Some of the main rivers flowing through the Cities of Kerala are the Periyar, the Bharathapuzha, the Pamba, the Kadalundipuzha and the Achankovil.
  • Jaipur Travel Guide  By : Rhyme Machine
    Jaipur Tours are truly an insight into the vibrant culture of Rajasthan and special attractions are the museums, camel rides, boating in Ramgarh Lake or indulging in shopping. Jaipur can be called shopper's paradise with its exquisite handicrafts, bandhani dress materials, block prints, blankets and not to forget stunning ornaments. Jaipur is an ideal choice for the honeymoon couples as well.
  • Museums In Jaipur  By : Rhyme Machine
    There are a quite a few museums in Jaipur. The Albert Hall Museum, for instance, is surrounded by flowerbeds, and fountains. This museum is also sometimes referred to as the Government Central Museum. The museum has an exquisite collection of paintings, which are in deed a marvel to watch. It also has some priceless jewelry, earthenware, pottery, natural stones, articles of ivory, metal works, fin
  • Pink City Of Rajasthan  By : Rhyme Machine
    The tourists can also enjoy the cool evenings during boating in the Ramgarh Lake. Go for a movie, camel ride, stroll in the beautifully laid gardens, tour a zoo or spend your time in shopping some exclusive memoirs of Jaipur. One can purchase the Rajasthani handlooms, bandhani, block Print, blankets and trinkets.
  • Business Travel Tour Information Tips  By : Priya Singh
    Outside these showcases life in India goes on much as it did when I first came here in 1989; this is particularly so in the countryside where most Indians still live.
  • India Travel Tour Information  By : Priya Singh
    For the tourist India can be overwhelming, and it has certainly become a more stressful place to visit. Touts seem to be almost everywhere and the traveler is bombarded by questions all the time.
  • Jaipur Excursions  By : Rhyme Machine
    Located 16 km from Jaipur, Sanganer is famous for its beautiful Jain temples. The most famous temple is the Shri Digambar Jain temple. This temple has a stone shrine with three pinnacles. There is an idol of Parshwanath with 7 serpent hoods in the center. However, the main idol of Adinathji is enshrined in the temple behind this. Sanganer is also famous for its crafts and hand-printed textiles.
  • Gardens In Jaipur  By : Rhyme Machine
    Garden represents greenery, serenity, aesthetic approach, nature and blessing of the Almighty. Gardens in desert lands sound, as if, someone has committed a mistake. But, here we are not making any mistake, the city of Jaipur is located in a desert area, still it has a number of beautiful gardens.
  • Jaipur Fairs and Festivals  By : Rhyme Machine
    Elephant Festival, Jaipur: The elephant festival gets underway in the month of Phalgun (March) on the eve of Holi, the festival of colours. The festival begins with a procession of elephants, camels, horses and folk dancers. The sight of mighty jumbos striding majestically is a treat to watch. The mahavats or owners proudly decorate their elephants with bright colours, jhools (saddle cloth) and he
  • Best Time to Visit Jaipur  By : Rhyme Machine
    Jaipur is the colorful capital city of the state of Rajasthan. Famously known as Pink City, Jaipur is one of the most visited places of India. The history of this vibrant city is alive in its forts and palaces and the vibrancy makes its mark in the vivacious bazaars popular for Rajasthani jewelry, fabric and shoes. However, all these can be enjoyed to its best when you come at best time to visit Jaipur.
  • Shopping in Agra  By : Rhyme Machine
    Agra was previously the center of power of the Mughal Empire. The lavish Mughal court was held in Agra. The many wives of the emperors, the noblemen and their consorts and the great artists and scholars of Mughal times lived in Agra. The markets of Agra were full of the wares of the many craftsmen who came to Agra to offer their best products to the court and who hoped to receive the patronage of
  • Taj Mahal Agra  By : Rhyme Machine
    Completed in 1653, it was built by the Emperor Shah Jahan in memory of his second wife, Mumtaz Mahal. If one wants to capture the beauty of the Taj, the epitome of love, one should visit it at dawn or dusk. The glittering Taj in the moonlit night entices the viewers.
  • Tour To Agra  By : Rhyme Machine
    Located on the banks of River Yamuna, Agra is a principal part of the Northern Indian Plains. The historical monuments made in Agra during the medieval period are built by Great Mughals, who ruled India for above three centuries. Badal Singh established the Agra city in 1475. Agra finds its mention in Mahabharata as Agraban.
  • Holy Places In Agra  By : Rhyme Machine
    The very first thing that comes to the mind at the very mention of Agra is the ethereal Taj Mahal. Having inspired many singers, artists and poets till date, this exquisite creation is a heartfelt tribute to Mumtaz Mahal by her husband, Emperor Shah Jahan. Right from brochures to promotional videos, the Taj has featured in almost everything when it comes to promoting India to tourists around the w
  • Gardens In Agra  By : Rhyme Machine
    The Rambagh Gardens and the ones at various tourist complexes provide for the leisure, pleasure. These lush green gardens which are provided with pools and fountains are great doctors for a spiritual being. The fragrance of flora, colorful flowers, cool shades, murmurs of water and Shhhhh! The gardens does not provide joy they brings it out from the depths of peace and solace.
  • Forts and Palaces in Agra  By : Rhyme Machine
    The city of Fatehpur Sikri is located at a distance of 40 km from Agra. According to legend, the Emperor Akbar, who did not have a male heir, was delighted when a son was born to him after he made a pilgrimage to visit the Sufi saint Sheikh Salim Chisti. To commemorate this event he decided to name his son Salim (later known as Jahangir) and to build a perfect city to honour the Saint. Fatehpur Si
  • Delhi Travel Tour Information Tips  By : Priya Singh
    New Delhi fabrication west of the Yamuna river, although for the most part, New Delhi is an interior city. East of the river is the urban area of Shahdara. The temperature varies from 40 degrees Celsius in summers to around 4 degrees Celsius in winters. Delhi has a semi-arid weather with high distinction between summer and winter temperatures.
  • Agra City Travel Tour Information  By : Priya Singh
    The Taj is one of the most well conserved and architecturally gorgeous tombs in the world, one of the masterpieces of Indian Muslim structural design, and one of the enormous sites of the world's heritage

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