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  • Travelling Offers Memorable Experience, Relaxation And Fun  By : Morgan Clark
    The article is devoted to traveling and its benefits over other leisure activities. Traveling is featured as a revitalizing way to relax and enjoy yourself regardless of age, social standing, etc.
  • Collectibles Opportunities in Miami  By : Alex Duvot
    There’s never any shortage of events in a happening city like Miami. If you plan to travel to Miami in the coming months, know what events are taking place when you arrive in the city. Check out this Miami travel guide to find out what is shaking the city.
  • 8-Tips for Packing and Traveling Lite  By : Alejandro Trujillo
    How-to Pack and Travel Lite
  • What are Pilgrimages  By : Sarah James
    A pilgrimage is an invitation from God to take a walk or to travel a route toward a sacred place to which the pilgrim is ushered into the presence of God.
  • Family Travel Checklist  By : Sam Serio A
    Family Travel Checklist

    Travelling with a family can be a nightmare. Most family travel meets some sort of major emergency or crisis during the planning phase, and it usually occurs right before they are due to go to the airport for departure. No matter how well the parents have planned, something never ever fits in and this can cause extreme panic when there are several children to deal with as well as making sure that everyone arrives at their vacation destination in one piece.

    It is no wonder that family travel can cause major stress when you consider all of the things that have to be considered and then remembered. With insurance, packing, documentation, hotel arrangements, flights and other similar elements of family travel to deal with, what you really need is a checklist to use to ensure that all elements are dealt with in the correct timescales to ensure that the dash to the airport is not an ordeal!

    To help you cope ,here is a checklist that you can use for any given trip, whether going abroad or remaining in a domestic setting. All of the information is relevant and can certainly help you to relax and enjoy your vacation!

    Six Months To Go
    1. Assess your financial situation and estimate spending money
    2. Collect information on the family travel places that you would like to go. The Internet is a great resource, but you can also use travel guides and brochures to get an idea of the type of hotel to stay in.

    Five Months To Go
    1. This is the absolute latest that you should book your vacation accommodation to make sure that you have plenty of time to plan the family travel from start to finish. Remember to compare prices and check out deals and discounts.
    2. Book family air travel and confirm the departure times and dates.
    3. If you do not already have one, apply for a passport and look into the family travel destination to see whether you need further documentation, such as a visa.
    4. Apply for a visa or permit if necessary, making sure that you comply with all of the requirements.

    Three Months To Go
    1. Begin to plan out activities for the whole family. Research the activities in the local area that are suitable for family travel, as well as the prices and availability because it may be necessary to book some activities in advance.
    2. Check and compare travel insurance policies and purchase the family travel policy that best suits your needs.
    3. Make an appointment with the family doctor for the necessary vaccinations. This can be found on the embassy website, in the same place as the visa requirements that you researched previously.
    4. Organise your finances so that you know how much you have to spend and how much of your credit limits you have left. This will enable you to decide which cards you will take.

    Two Months To Go
    1. Purchase all of the necessary clothes and equipment for family travel.
    2. Make sure that all of the accommodation and flights are fully paid and ready for you when you get there!

    One Month To Go
    1. Gather all of your documents together and photocopy them all twice, leaving one copy with your family and take another copy with you just in case there are any problems.
    2. Organise any medication that you and your family will need.
    3. Copy the itinerary that you have booked and planned so that your family knows exactly where you are going and when you will be going there.

    A Week To Go
    1. Purchase all travellers checks and money required.
    2. Cancel any regular deliveries that you may have and pay up any bills, making sure that there is enough money in your account to cover any remaining bills
    3. Pack for family travel!

    After this checklist is complete, you should be good to go for family travel so you can just relax and enjoy yourself!
  • Cheap International Destinations  By : Evvie Meier
    For those heading out for summer international travel or a gap year abroad, choosing a cheap international destination can save hundreds.
  • Great Bistros of the World  By : Krandok Hannigast
    As people return to tradition and the love of everyday chow, bistros are hot. While there are many impostors, the world is full of proper bistros. Here are some of the world’s great bistros.
  • Ultimate guide to golf vacations  By : Jamie Hanson
    If you are planning to take a golf vacation soon, you have come to the right place. This guide will ...
  • Discount Travel Vacation Secrets Revealed!  By : Steven Gib
    Offers 4 ideas and tips behind discount travel vacation ideas, strategies and tips for those of you on a budget! Learn some great ideas on how to save money and get the most from your next trip!
  • A sojourn to the - Pearl of the South  By : asiarooms
    Situated in the southern part of Thailand, Phuket is a land of unparallel beauty. Flanked by beautiful hills, white sandy sea beaches, renowned diving suites, and lush green forests Phuket is ideally called the Pearl of the South. The cosmopolitan culture of Phuket and its god gifted grandeur makes it an ideal tourist destination. Here, the myriad manifestations of nature become so attractive that
  • Enjoy a Grand Time in Bangkok  By : asiarooms
    Bangkok is now a right of passage for any backpacker who comes to South East Asia. If you are deciding to go to Bangkok this year then you will need to know some facts.
  • Travel Cheap to Get Your Antique  By : Dianne Logan
    If you wish to obtain cheap travel deals, then you have to look at a few critical components that are involved in any traveling. They are flight or cruise charges, hotel or other accommodation costs and car or van arrangement for going around in the place of vacation.
  • Round the World airline tickets  By : Su Ann Mae Phillips
    What is a Round the World (RTW) airline ticket?
  • Truth About AAA Travel Agencies  By :
    AAA Travel Agencies represent the main and actually the largest North American organization of leisure agencies that covers both the United States and Canada. Those to benefit the most from the advantages of AAA Travel are members, but the use of AAA is not limited to them, since any common person ca
  • Packing For That Island Vacation Top 10 Things to Remember  By :
    If you keep these 10 things in mind, you will be sure to make the most out of any island vacation.
  • Lightweight Backpacking Tips For You  By :
    You'll experience more freedom, more comfort, more safety, more enjoyment and less suffering. The first time you are fifteen miles into the day, and you realize that you can easily run up that hill.
  • How to Burn and Slash Expensive Airfare Down to the Penny  By : ChristyJonpns
    Competition in the airline industry has led to a decline in airfare. Regardless, airfare is still expensive when compared to other modes of transportation. People prefer air travel inspite of its price because of its speed and the comfort it offers to passengers.
  • When Santa Travels, His Airfare is Zero. What About You?  By : ChristyJonpns
    Most airlines sell their tickets cheaply at midnight because it is that time that seats booked but not taken during the day are sold. You can get cheap airfare by calling up your preferred airline at midnight to purchase a ticket at a cheaper cost.
  • 9 Tips for Renting Vacation Homes  By : Vincent G Berkmans
    With the US economy on a downward spiral, Americans are learning to tie their belts as life if becoming more difficult. Unfortunately, the US isn’t the only one affected,

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