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  • The Parts of a Traditional Wedding  By : Timothy Spencer
    The rite of Matrimony is one of the seven rites of passage for the Catholic faith. For centuries is has stood to be the most widely documented wedding format that has been adapted in several other countries and faith systems. Whilst parts of these may be freely modified, interchanged or even omitted, this article covers the updated tradition as a whole including the actual ceremony from the Catholic perspective.
  • Flowers and Their Meanings  By : Danny V
    A blushing bride walks down the aisle exuding with beauty. It is the moment where a woman is believed to be the prettiest in her life. It is where all eyes are on her. She brings a bouquet of flowers which in turn gives a flattering remark to how wonderful she looks in the day of her wedding.
  • Jewish Order of Wedding Ceremony  By : Gregknell
    Jewish Order of Wedding Ceremony
  • Preparing the Maid of honor Wedding Speech  By : Jamie Hanson
    In a marriage, the bride and the groom are the center of attraction and all the guests present eagerly wait for the bridegroom's wedding speech to be delivered during the reception. Though the father of the bride's wedding speech has traditionally been the most appreciated because of the emotional factor, there have been instances where the groom's speech has stolen the thunder.
  • Tips and suggestions for maid of honor speech  By : Jamie Hanson
    Many a times we are invited as a maid of honor or role of public speaker and we have no idea what to speak about. This also worsens the situation if one is not that kind of an expert public speaker.
  • Father of the Bride Speech  By : Jamie Hanson
    A daughter's marriage is a solemn event for the father. The wedding speech delivered on the occasion by the emotional father of the bride is perhaps the most sentimental, reflecting the feeling of a father towards his loving daughter.
  • Wedding Speeches- An Integral part of the Ceremony  By : Jamie Hanson
    Wedding speeches have been part of a wedding ceremony since time immemorial. Though many speeches have been forgettable, some have been celebrated speeches befitting the occasion.
  • The Role of the Godparents in Weddings  By : Timothy Spencer
    This article discusses the role and roots that Godparents have during the Wedding ceremony. This also lightly touches on how these people can help not only sanctifying the rites but how they play can play into the life of the couple and the family they stand to create.
  • Great Tips on How To Throw a Second Baby Shower  By : Susan Kramper
    New parents need a lot to get started, and a baby shower is one of the best ways to help make that happen. It's a way for friends and family of the parents to demonstrate their support, as well. Some people consider it improper to have a second-baby shower, since it was unlikely that mom and dad would need very much, especially the big-ticket items. However, having a second-baby shower is still appropriate, if you make certain adjustments.
  • Use Slide Scanning Services to Scan These Original Formats  By : Jimmy Dawkins
    If you have old photos and slides you want to preserve, keep in mind the great benefits that slide scanning services can allow you to enjoy. First of all, these services can take many formats and convert them into easy viewing media like DVDs from your VHS, VHS-C, Hi8 and 8mm digital tapes or 16mm and 8mm films. This can make it easy to hold onto the old memories that can never be replaced if media that is easily destructible becomes worn out and old.
  • Styles of Wedding Dresses  By : Maria Williams
    Wedding dresses remain one of the most recognizable symbols of the wedding day itself, and fortunately for brides everywhere there is not a one size fits all option.
  • 10 Checklist Items for Choosing your Bridal Dress  By : Maria Williams
    All eyes are on you on the wedding day - when you walk down the aisle, ask yourself these questions to ensure you choose the right dress for you!
  • The Role of the Flower Girl in Traditional Weddings  By : Timothy Spencer
    In the perfect wedding dream, the entourage is never complete without the dancing fairy like children adorning the palatial residence with flowers and favors surround the main cast. This article talks on how the ancient roman role of the flower girl continues to play in the traditional wedding practice.
  • To Get That Baby Portrait, You Must Learn All The Tricks Of A Pro  By : Dale R Smith
    Shooting babies is one of the most difficult types of photography. Due to the fact that young childres, babies, are not capable of holding a steady pose.fAs an amateur picture taker and not a professional and even getting your own children to pose can be a major affair. More succintly, children just seem to not be willing to cooperate.
  • Duties of the Maid of Honor in Weddings  By : Timothy Spencer
    Getting to the day for a bride’s “I do” customarily dictates a gargantuan list “to do” and getting a helping hand from key people in your entourage may be the blessing to wish for. This article discusses the traditional duties of the Maid Of Honor handed down through the ages which may point out how she may have a large hand in how a lot of “to do’s” can be done.
  • Putting Music in your Wedding: Classic Wedding Songs  By : Timothy Spencer
    This article incorporates the most popular wedding songs or music used as entrance hymns for the ceremony and for the entrance to the reception. All information gathered and used for this was based on information gathered from forums and discussion boards on the Internet and from interviews with local wedding planners.
  • Top Five Wedding Color Themes  By : Timothy Spencer
    This article discusses the most popular colors used in weddings. Colors like in flowers carry much symbolism and its use and psychology for design and décor will prove useful for brides in choosing how to present themselves on their special day.
  • Nice Tips To Help Select Your Bridal Shower Menu  By : karl donald
    The selection of the menu for a bridal shower is either pleasant or scary, depending upon the kind of shower it is to be and the characteristics of the people participating. It should comfort you to know that there is such a broad range of acceptable choices that you shouldn't have as much trouble as you might think to come up with food ideas. There are some simple considerations that can help you with this decision, the bride, the guests, and your budget.
  • How to Choose Your Wedding Venue?  By : Rob Colbourne
    When you go out hunting for your perfect wedding venue, falling in love with the beauty of the place is inevitable. The more you look, more get confused. With a little knowledge about what to look for when deciding on a wedding venue, selecting one gets easier.
  • Learning Your Professional Photography Technique  By : Tammie Hickman
    Photographs can be a wonderful way of capturing memories. Many of us have our own cameras and take hundreds of photos every year, however if we really want to become great photographer then this will take practicing as well as time. Taking quality photographs requires a technique that will be acquired over time. There is a quick guide to improve your photography technique and improving your photographs.
  • Wedding Stationery Ideas  By : Mike M.
    Choosing right kind of wedding stationery is an important as well as expensive affair. The better way to control its cost and improve its impression lies in a wise plan.
  • Techniques on how to have great pictures on a wedding day  By : Mike Justin
    Some tips on taking better pictures on wedding days.
  • The White Photo Album  By : Mary Falkenburg
    I have the honor of working for an auction company. My husband is the auctioneer and I am the "sorter". We get calls from people who just need a clean-up sale, or they have too much in storage. Then there are the calls from the children, their parents have passed and they need help. What do they do? What can we do? Help! Some of the kids just hand us the keys and tell us to handle it, other want to be there and help. We always, always make sure that family heirlooms stay in the family.
  • How to Choose a Portrait Photographer  By : Dave Z
    Portrait Photography is a way of capturing a glimpse into an individual’s world. The eyes are powerful focal points that express what is inside. The rest is up to the lighting, posing, facial expressions, the environment and the photographer. The right photographer can make a big difference in the final product.
  • Cremation Bracelets offer a unique way to remember your loved one  By : Casey Doran
    Create a lasting memory of a loved one that has passed away by cherishing their life on a daily basis. Innovative and distinctive bracelets make an admirable display of your devotion.
  • Choosing A Wedding Photographer  By : Gen Wright
    Choosing a wedding photographer for capturing the precious moments of the most important event of your life can be an intricate task. Your stylish and well designed wedding album is going to be one of the most cherished belongings for the rest of your life.
  • Wedding Photography is an Art  By : Gen Wright
    As far as creativity is concerned, wedding photography has come a long way. Taking pictures has become an art. Surely, the lenses and camera play a great role in capturing the great images but the right passion and feelings captured depends upon the photographer's imagination and artistic ability.
  • Destination Wedding Vacation Memories  By :
    For the wedding photographer, there is another side to this dream. It is called destination wedding photography. White sand dunes, soaring mountains, fresh clean air, and soft, golden sun is that other side, coloring the dream in vibrant new shades. Traveling to exotic locales, setting their eyes upon new sights, and jumpstarting their creativity are some of the glorious advantages wedding photographers have over most other devotees to the camera.
  • Wedding Photography - How to Choose a Reliable Photographer  By : Gen Wright
    A wedding event, is a once in a lifetime event. So if you are going to choose a photographer to take pictures during the event, be sure to choose a professionally trained photographer.
  • Casual and Modern Ways to Word Wedding Invitations  By : Grace W. Chen
    If the idea of traditional wedding invitation wording clashes with your need for self-expression and the ability to invite guests in your own words, then read on for casual and modern ways to word your invitations that will not only give you the freedom to exhibit your personality, but will still accomplish all that etiquette dictates an invitation should.
  • Wedding Invitations for an Outdoor Wedding  By : Grace W. Chen
    Wedding invitations not only inform guests about the details of your approaching nuptials, but also serve as an artistic preview of the wedding itself. Guests can ascertain much information just by observing the wedding invitation. If you are planning an outdoor wedding, why not choose an invitation that reflects this as well as your personality?
  • Wedding Invitation Trends for a Summer Wedding  By : Grace W. Chen
    Summer is often perceived as a more relaxed time of year with children out of school, people off on vacation, and commuters experiencing less traffic. Summer weddings are often casual affairs as well and reflect all the beauty that makes summer so enjoyable: great weather and the beauty of nature in full bloom.
  • Wedding Invitation Trends for a Spring Wedding  By : Grace W. Chen
    Spring is a time for rebirth, when the ground bursts into color and trees regain their leaves and blossom, scenting the air with fragrant flowers and sending people outdoors to enjoy the new season. Planning a spring wedding should be no less magnificent and should begin with your wedding invitations.
  • A guide to corporate golf days  By : Jamie Hanson
    Corporate golf days are designed to help raise a business's profile. The main purpose of corporate g ...
  • DIY Eco-Friendly Wedding Invitation Ideas  By : Grace w chen
    It is often difficult trying to decide on the right wording for a traditional wedding invitation, since etiquette rules are constantly evolving to keep up with the times. If you have a non-traditional family, for instance, it can be difficult to choose wording that will please all parties involved.
  • How to Word Wedding Invitations For Non-Traditional Families  By : Grace w chen
    It is often difficult trying to decide on the right wording for a traditional wedding invitation, since etiquette rules are constantly evolving to keep up with the times. If you have a non-traditional family, for instance, it can be difficult to choose wording that will please all parties involved.
  • Ideas to Mail Your Wedding Invitations in Creative Envelope Alternatives  By : Grace w chen
    Many couples are getting creative, not only with their wedding location, but with their wedding invitations. The emergence of various themed weddings has led to invitations that think outside of the envelope.
  • Modern Etiquette Guide for Wedding Save the Date Announcements  By : Grace w chen
    Some might argue that etiquette standards have slipped in recent years because people lead busier lives and manners are no longer universally observed as they once were. However, despite a break with tradition, it is still important to be aware of the modern etiquette rules concerning save the date announcements for your wedding. By following the appropriate etiquette, you can avoid alienating potential guests and impress them instead.
  • Wedding Save the Date vs. Birthday Save the Date  By : Grace W. Chen
    Often, save the date cards are closely associated with weddings, but they can be extremely useful prior to planning a large birthday celebration, particularly a milestone birthday where attendance is important.
  • The Importance of Save the Date Pre-Wedding Invitations  By : Grace w chen
    Modern society has become busier – with no signs of slowing down. This fact even applies to your closest friends and family members, and therefore, acknowledging their busy schedules by sending save the date cards for your wedding will help ensure that no one important is absent on your big day.
  • Modern Whimsical Bridal Shower Invitation Ideas  By : Grace W. Chen
    Bridal shower invitations are an essential part of planning the shower and getting guests (and the bride) excited for the event. A modern yet whimsical bridal shower invitation will provide all the necessary details for the event, as well as create the perfect vibe for an unforgettable shower.
  • Bridal Shower Invitations vs. Wedding Invitations  By : Grace W. Chen
    A bridal shower is traditionally hosted a few months prior to the wedding as a way for female friends and family to gather and celebrate the bride’s upcoming nuptials with gifts, games, and food. Invitations play a vital role in planning bridal showers and weddings, both functionally and aesthetically.
  • Modern Wedding Invitations vs. Traditional Wedding Invitations  By : Grace W. Chen
    You will soon learn that getting engaged is the easy part of preparing for marriage. There are countless planning decisions to make and details to determine before you ever walk down the aisle. One of the largest decisions will be choosing your wedding invitations.
  • Wedding Invitations in Different Languages  By : Grace W. Chen
    The world may seem to be shrinking, but in reality, it’s just become more accessible with improved technology, such as the internet and transportation. Weddings are also affected by this global trend, and many couples are choosing to incorporate their heritage into their ceremony.
  • Wedding Invitations for the Holiday Season  By : Grace W. Chen
    Many couples choose the holidays to get married because it’s already a time for families to unite and friends to gather. It is a cheerful time of year and creates many opportunities to apply holiday themes to your wedding.
  • Stylish and Slim Wedding Invitations to Celebrate a Slimmer You  By : Grace w chen
    One of the most popular reasons women cite for losing weight is their approaching nuptials. What better motivator could you have than trying to slim down so you look fit and stylish walking down the aisle in front of friends and family in a beautiful wedding dress?
  • Unconventional Bridesmaid Dresses  By : John Dany
    A wedding is the most valuable and unforgettable moments in life and the same importance is for the wedding dress as well because it brings you that charming and elegant look through out the wedding ceremony.
  • Top 6 Reasons to Hire a Professional Wedding Planner  By : Kate Hummel
    Wedding means a lot of preparations which, if not managed efficiently, can contaminate the splendor of this beautiful occasion. In order to prevent any such situation from arising, you can lend your trust in professional wedding planners. For more information visit at
  • Baby Shower Invitation Trends for 2009 and Beyond  By : Grace w chen
    There are almost limitless theme possibilities when it comes to planning a baby shower, but there are three trends that stand out from the crowd in 2009.
  • Baby Shower Invitation 101  By : Grace w chen
    If you are planning to host a baby shower, there are many elements to consider, such as budget, theme, location, and date. Most importantly, the celebration starts with a baby shower invitation. With a few easy tips, you can choose the perfect invitation for ringing in the special event.

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