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  • Teak - Why It Lasts  By : Gen Wright
    Teak is a very valuable type of wood because of its unique properties. Furniture manufacturers like to use teak to create all sorts of beautiful looking furniture. The wood itself is very durable and can be used both indoors and outdoors.
  • Looking After Your Teak Furniture-00-2631  By : evyta
    Teak, a tropical hardwood found mainly in Southeast Asia, is extremely popular both for its natural beauty and its ease of maintenance. It is a naturally oily and very dense wood, making it highly weather resistant and, therefore, perfect for outdoor furniture.
  • Caring for Antique Wood Flooring  By : Katya Coen
    Learn about the benefits of antique wood flooring and how to care for your antique floor. When you choose antique flooring for your home, you are choosing something that is endowed with a rich history.
  • All about Teak: Common Questions and Answers about Teak Wood  By : Simon Harris
    Teak wood is rather unique -- it possesses a great deal of
    natural oil not present in other kinds of woods. These naturally
    occurring oils help to resist water damage and also insect
    infestation (such as termites). Antique teak furniture --
    especially pieces which have been left outdoors -- takes on a
    silver coloration or coating (patina) which many people find
    very beautiful.

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