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April Kerr's Articles

  • Have You Thought About How to Use Stained Glass in Your Home?
    Stained glass has been used in the making of decorative windows in some of the houses of very rich people and mostly in the cathedrals. The reason of using stained glass in the interior of a church is to make it look ornate and magnificent.
  • All About Collecting Chinese Antiques
    Possessing Chinese antiques is a great way to enlarge your antique collection. Some unique Chinese antiques that can be your prized possessions are:
  • Discover the History and Art of Rag Rugs
    In the 19th century there were some communities like the Amish and Shakers who believed in living simple lives and no wastage. The womenfolk made designs and patterns using old clothes and rags which later were used for decorating homes. The early Americans used these rag rugs as a means of covering the holes on the walls of their cabins. This also proved to be a good way of training young girls.
  • The History and Collecting of Snuff Bottles
    During the reign of the Qing dynasty of China smoking tobacco was prohibited and considered illegal. However the Chinese used the powdered form as a snuff for curing common ailments like cough, cold, headaches and stomach problems. Snuff was carried in small bottles as a medicine and is the same as the snuff box that was used by the Europeans.
  • Mini Bonsai How They Differ from Regular Bonsai
    In ancient Japan, the art of bonsai sculpting emerged. Normally we think the bonsai trees are small by their nature, however this is not the case. The bonsai tree artist has to prune and train these ordinary trees and plants to achieve the desired effect. The mini bonsai takes this concept even further and is so small could fit in your pocket.
  • Beginner Bonsai Trees: The 5 Easiest To Care For
    Beginner bonsai trees should all have one thing in common - they should all be easy to look after. Although the art of the bonsai is often seen as one which is extremely difficult and takes many years to master, this should not put off anyone new to bonsai growing.
  • The History of Perfume
    The use of perfume dates back to the Egyptians when they used it as part of their religious ceremonies by burning incense or by using ointments and balms. Incense is a product which has scented organic materials which, when burned, release a beautiful fragrance. When burnt, the organic compound condenses into fine droplets and scents the surrounding cooler air.
  • A Brief History of Airbrushing
    The history of airbrushes is as old as the root lies in the year of 1893, which is far before the year when the world war took place. It was not exactly the current model but somewhat similar to it which was invented by Charles Burdick. Then gradually the usage of airbrush gained popularity and during the 1920s this particular device was used for retouching the photographs.
  • The History and Art of Patchwork Quilting
    The history of Patchwork Quilting dates back to the era of the Pharaohs where these samples have been found on several tombs. Even the armors that they used were made of quilted fabrics. You can find some amazing 17th century quilted bed covers.
  • A Basic Guide to Collecting Glass Bottles
    Collecting glass bottles is another popular hobby that is being pursued fervently by ardent collectors and can fetch you a good sum. The antique varieties convey its historical past and they are invaluable as they were manufactured by hand and no two are same.
  • Discover the Interesting History of Quilts
    Quilting was practiced in ancient Egyptian times and evidences have been found in the tombs of the Pharaohs. Quilting was a form of sewing various pieces of fabric to make a single item of clothing which later became objects of decoration.
  • Some Essential Supplies For Scrapbooking
    With scrapbooking becoming such a craze there is no dearth of scrapbooking supplies and you will be inundated with the various items in the market to facilitate your scrapbooking experience. You should follow some basic rules in the beginning. We bring you some scrapbooking supplies.
  • A Basic Guide to Caring For Bonsai Trees
    Bonsai which is an interesting technique of growing the adult trees in a miniature form was originated in Japan a long time ago. In fact when you see a banyan tree that looks like a 50 year old one with all its long branches, shoots and cylindrical roots but at the same time the height is just 4 to 5 feet then this becomes very unusual and exciting.
  • An Introduction to Buying an Antique Doll
    It could be said that the best time for the production of dolls was between 1840 and 1850. This is largely because a great amount of work and pride was used when making these dolls. Every little detail is crafted and thought about from details like hand painting the eyes to riveting the cloth or leather bodies.
  • An Intro to Collecting Diecast Bikes
    Lots of people enjoy finding a pastime to occupy themselves when they aren't out working. There are so many different hobbies that people take up and they can include activities as diverse as diecast bike collecting to white water rafting. However collecting ornaments, trinkets and other objects is probably a lot safer and can be done without leaving your house.

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