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Charles Griffith's Articles

  • Art And The Motion Picture
    The author reflects on his role in the production of the upcoming Matthew Modine film "The Trial," and shares his observations on film as an art form, using Stanley Kubrick's "Barry Lyndon" as an example.
  • Basic Drawing For The Artist
    Drawing essentials for beginning and experienced artists alike, emphasizing the importance of draughtsmanship and providing basic exercises for improving drawing skills.
  • Creativity and the Artist
    A discussion of various approaches for improving creativity for the visual artist.
  • How The Artist Uses Color
    Color is one of the most important elements of design for the visual artist to master. This article covers the basics of color theory and offers advice on the effective use of color in a composition.
  • On Becoming an Artist
    How to approach the personal and creative challenges of being an artist, and how general self-improvement can benefit the artist.
  • Realism in Contemporary Art
    Understanding the role that Realism has played in the history of Western art, its relationship with abstraction, and its place in the art of the 21st century.
  • The Appreciation Of Fine Art
    While the world's great art can be enjoyed without any in-depth knowledge, gaining such an understanding can transform art appreciation into an art form itself. A short lesson on enjoying and understanding fine art using the "Mona Lisa" as an example.
  • The Basics of Design
    Learn the fundamentals of design as they apply to painting and drawing, so that you can create artwork of the highest artistic quality.
  • Why Art Matters
    Art is one of the most important aspects of any civilization, and creativity is one of the most fundamental characteristics of the human spirit. A brief discussion of the value that the arts have held for mankind throughout our history.

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