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  • Duchamp, Double Sided Tape And Fine Art
    Now specialising in industrial themed art, I still use doubled sided tape, but of the more hardcore type than was given to primary school children back in the seventies. The applications for specialised tape are limitless. If you can recall the Polyfilla adverts, probably from the same era, the strength of industrial adhesives are enough to keep a poor bloke in a boiler suit stuck to the underside of a plank while sharks swim beneath him. With this kind of advancement in adhesive properties, double sided tape can stick anything.
  • How Disney Changed The Face Of Tiaras And Wedding Dresses
    Fairy tales that have been told for generations have been assimilated into Disney films to carry on the fantasy of every girl becoming a Princess one day. These films have created a certain aesthetic that has shaped the way that a girl grows up wanting to be the belle of the ball and possibly be swept off her feet by her very own Prince Charming.
  • Porsche, Ferrari Or Land Rover Gear, Where Does Your Logo Loyalty Lie?
    A phrase that I was unfamiliar with until recently has kept on cropping up in conversation of late, 'logoed up'. The term is a humorous way of describing people who wear clothing that displays the designers name prominently somewhere and looks like the item of clothing was created around the label rather than the other way around.
  • Poster Buying For Profit
    Posters have been used to convey information and images to an expectant audience since the advent of lithographic printing in the late 1800s. There is however a precursor to this era, albeit one of a less mass produced nature. Wanted posters in the Wild West, calls to arms during times of conflict, invites to nights of Nitrous Oxide indulgence to laugh your cares away; these were typeset adverts
  • The History Of Rail Design
    Travel by rail began as far back as the 1500s. The rudimentary design utilized wooden rails to form a basic track along which a carriage was pulled by a horse. This sped up the transportation of ore from mining activities and was an alternative to the slow pace of the road systems at the time. These early incarnations of the railway system were known as Wagonways; it wasn't until the late 1700s
  • Top London Art Gallery Experiences
    London has the greatest density of art galleries in the whole of the United Kingdom. With somewhere in the region of 400 galleries to choose from to consume some fine art, it can be a tough choice for the art lover, and sometimes all you need do is put on a pair of comfy shoes and go in search of a London art gallery that meets your expectations. I have some great memories of my time as an art

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