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Earl Garber's Articles in Glass and Crystal

  • Common Antique Glass Terms
    Collecting antique lamps can be very rewarding but with so many lamps on the market the terms describing them can get very confusing. For example, what is a chipped ice finish? What exactly is ormula? The following is a brief list of antique lamp terms you are likely to come across while purchasing period related lighting pieces.
  • Caring For Stained Glass Panels
    In reality too much cleaning can be worse for the panel than the sun and the rain. Stained glass panels in old cathedrals have been in place for centuries with minimal damage to the surfaces. With proper care and knowledge of the signs of damage your panels can look great for generations as well.
  • The History of Stained Glass Art Panels
    Stained glass panels have become synonymous with churches as religious murals for windows. But where did the use of artistic colored glass originate?

    Stained glass started out as a domestic luxury for wealthy Romans to use in villas and palaces. Not much is known about this era except for a few remains found around Pompeii.

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