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  • 19th Century Literature Defined Today's Vampire
    The 19th century was the age of the vampire. No longer were vampires dirty, ghoulish, creepy creatures to be feared and loathed. Vampires took on a fresh persona, one of charm, power, and sexuality. Here's a brief look at 3 pieces of vampire fiction that fueled today's vampire craze.
  • Vampires Of Old
    Vampires are capricious devils and turn up throughout history. Here are four tales of vampires.
  • Vampirism May Be Explained With Modern Medical Science
    Vampire legends are widespread throughout our history. Some stories date back to the 12th century. It's possible that these early stories of vampires were generated by real medical conditions.
  • The Roots Of Numerous Vampire Myths
    There are a great number of myths surrounding vampires. Many of these myths find their roots in early Christian doctrine. Others are the result of the superstitious people of the Middle Ages.
  • Why Vampires Capture Our Imagination
    Vampires are a all the rage group in our cinematic and literary lore. Vampires seize our imagination, draw us in, and make us believe in creatures outside of our normal lives. The vampire has morphed from a once maligned, often hated and feared, always undesirable being into a romantic being that embodies superhuman power and eternal life.
  • Bram Stoker Writes About Vampires
    Abraham Stoker (his family called him Bram), was an Irish novelist and writer. Stoker was born on November 8, 1847. Stoker died on April 20, 1912. Stoker came from a grand Protestant family. Bram was child three in a seven child family.

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