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Gen Wright's Articles in Plants

  • Grow Any Plant with Microclimates
    Plants are creatured that are adapted to the climate that they are native. But, as many gardeners like to experiment, they also want to grow exotic species of plants in their region of the world. By creating a microclimate, any plants can be grown successfully in any region of the world. Learn more about these plant growing techniques in a micorclimate.
  • Propagation of Plants with Seeds
    Seeds propagation is a cheap method to propagate plants and trees without almost any cost and with little space. But, propagation with seeds can be tricky if not done right. Some seeds will need pre treatment before being ready to be sow.
  • Rose Gardening Tips
    Roses are beautiful bushes with very colorfull and fragrant flowers. However, roses plants are proned to diseases and fungus. Learn the basics care techniques for these plants and successfully grow a beautiful rose garden.
  • Mulch needed for Tree
    Trees are beautiful and majestic plants. Like any other plants, they need care, and gardening tips are often required. One of the tips to care for trees is to use mulch in your garden design. With mulch at your trees foot, it will prevent growing of weeds and preserve humidity to keep the tree roots healthy. Learn more about using mulch for your trees.
  • Essential Bonsai Tools
    Bonsai craft is like any other craft and art. Specific tools will help further develop and practise the art. Different tools and options are available for the bonsai enthusiasts. From beginner to advance user, learn the essential tools for practising bonsai.
  • Garden Watering Systems
    Many options are available to a gardener looking for a solution to the water needs of their lawns and plants. Some do have better uses in certain situation while others respond better in other cases. From sprinkler to drip system, learn the plus and down of various watering systems available to gardeners and hobbyist.
  • Pruning and Trees care tips
    Having a tree in your yard is a great feature as it can provide multiple things, such as shade, protection from winds and general value to your property. But like any other living creature you must administer care techniques in order to prevent decay of the tree. Learn the basic tree care tips and most important tree pruning tips.
  • Upscale Your Lawn With Native Flowering Trees
    The Indian Arrow-wood, one of the native trees, is a flowering shrub that produces a white flower in spring and in autumn produce attractive fall foliage and bluish berries in clusters.
  • Everyone Loves A Majestic Oak Tree
    Native Trees and plants is a gardners favorite.They are easy to plant,have hardly any maintence and are eco-friendly.The Oak trees are slow growers but they are the "best of the best" of the homeowner's favorites.
  • A Fall Foliage Beauty-Autumn Blaze Red Maple-Foliage of Fire
    The Autumn Blaze Red Maple is the most popular tree ever introduced, which explains why it is in such high demand right now.
  • English Ivy,an Evergreen Ground Cover For Your Garden
    English Ivy is an evergreen ground cover plant and its very hardy in zones 2-9.Its also good in all shady areas.
  • Roses Have Had a Significant Role in History
    Roses have a very interesting background and still are a significant part of a lot of customs throughout the world.
  • Aerating Your Compost Pile
    Learn how to keep your compost well aerated, so that it breaks down quickly.

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