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Gen Wright's Articles in Wine

  • Six Great Flavors Of Midi Wine To Keep Your Taste Buds Soaring
    France is known for its eclectic selections of French wine. From the crispness of a light white to the rich boldness of ruby red, there is a French wine to suit every taste and every occasion. Within this exclusive club, the Midi offers many great flavors that stand out. Midi wine falls under six regions and carries with it a vast array of experiences for both the seasoned and beginning wine taster. If you're looking to get started, follow this guide to Midi wine, and you won't miss a thing!
  • How Is Spanish Wine Classified?
    After Italy and France, Spain is the largest producer of wine in the world. 1.17 million hectares of Spanish land is devoted to viticulture. While both reds and whites are produced in Spain, usually one dominates the other in a specific region.
  • Four Benefits Of Using Specialist French Wine Merchants For Your Food And Beverage Needs
    Are you a wine snob? Perhaps you've always wanted to be but never really had the time or the knowledge to know where to begin?
  • Spanish Rioja Wine Makes A Perfect Complement To Your Meal
    For the average wine drinker many choices are made when making a purchase. What is the price range? What is the age of the wine? What food types can it be paired with?
  • Tour the Cape Wine Route or You Never Toured Cape Town at All
    A tour of the city of Cape Town in South Africa will never be really complete if you fail to have a winelands tour the city is quite famous for. Traveling in Africa will truly be an unforgettable experience, particularly its city that has become the most popular spot for tourists, the Cape Town.
  • Distinguishing Crystal Red and White Wine Glasses
    Crystal Red and White Wine Glasses Is There Really a Difference? You bet there is a difference, and that difference is about function. The deeper you delve into wine tasting, the easier you will be able to tell how crystal red and white wine glasses can influence the flavor and aroma of the wine.
  • Resveratrol- Red Wine Substance Key to Anti-Aging Supplements You Can Trust
    The years go by too quickly. You can remember, and sometimes you still see yourself, being a 16-year old in the prime of youth, yet now you know 16-year old kids in your family or otherwise, whom you can envision as babies. It is not easy growing older.

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