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  • Pierre-Auguste Renoir: The Famous French Impressionist Artist
    Pierre Auguste-Renoir was a renowned impressionist painter famous for his subjects including social scenes, landscapes and portraits of the gentry of the day. The warm sensuality that characterises his portraits has made them remarkable works of art.
  • Stéphane Boudin - The Famous Interior Designer
    Stéphane Boudin was an interior designer who achieved success through his creativity, passion and focus on details. With his excellent knowledge of interior design and the decorative arts, he could create time honoured artistic works. A great teacher and mentor, he inspired his followers and assistants to excel in their own fields.
  • Gustav Klimt - Famous Austrian Painter
    Gustav Klimt professed that his identity was clearly revealed in his paintings and a careful observer could easily discern this. Without even bothering to paint a self-portrait, Klimt wanted art lovers and his fans to understand him through his monumental paintings on canvas. Gustav’s unique style of portraiture, highlighting recurring themes on beauty and eroticism, continues to enthral artists and art lovers, and remains a strong inspiration throughout their lives.

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