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  • Antique Cuckoo Clocks – A Fun Collectible
    Collecting antique cuckoo clocks can be a fun and rewarding hobby. As with any collectible, do your research, and know what you are looking for. Many replicas and other knock-offs are in the market being passed of as "antique collectible".
  • Collecting Antique Mantle Clocks – Do Your Homework First
    Mantle clocks are a beautiful item to collect and can be a lot of fun as well as rewarding. However, before buying any antique mantle clock, do your research on that particular piece that you are interested in purchasing. This cannot be emphasized enough, as there are a lot of scams selling good replicas.
  • Collecting Morgan Silver Dollars
    Collecting Morgan silver dollars can be an exciting as well as a great investment due to the rarity of these coins. The Morgan silver dollar was named after its engraver, George T. Morgan, and was first issued in 1878.
  • Commemorative American Gold Coins – A Great Place to Start
    Commemorative issued gold coins are valuable because of the actual gold content, and because they are limited edition coins with only a certain number made to ensure its value. The value of each gold coin will depend on its rarity, historical value and fluctuations in the gold market, and also the condition.
  • Starting a Collection of American Gold Coins – A Fun and Profitable Hobby
    Before starting any type of collection, especially American gold coins, do the research that is required and be familiar with the types of coins that you want to collect. Many new collectors tend to over spend on coins that are not worth as much as they may think. Also be aware of some dealers that are nothing more than scams.
  • Antique Japanese Pottery: Collecting the Pre-Ceramic Ancient Past
    Antique Japanese pottery was around long before the discovery of porcelain. Dating back to the Neolithic period itself, and then onwards until the late 16th century, antique Japanese vases and other earthenware items were prized possessions even then. Despite the fact that ceramics all but replaced the traditional earthenware industry, if you’re collecting Japanese antiques, you should know that there is a lot of value in these more ancient items.
  • Antique Japanese Valuables Hidden In Plain Sight
    Antique Japanese pieces are often described as being sought after for their almost delicate beauty, and meld between tradition and culture. However, when discussing Japanese antiques it would be amiss to exclude the monetary value that their popularity has brought on. Some collectors pay great amounts to obtain rare and valuable pieces, and yet others choose to search for those that are hidden in plain sight.

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