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  • The Art of Etching Through Time
    Etching is the method of engraving using acid on a metal surface. It is also a printmaking method wherein the image is carved into a surface of a metal plate with the use of an acid. This acid bores into the metal surface, and leaves behind rough areas or lines if the surface is too narrow.
  • The Versatility of a Bottle
    Bottles are quite fascinating. Aside from being just containers for almost everything, bottles can be used for many purposes. There are actually so many kinds of bottles that can be used for each specific purpose. There's the long neck bottle meant for wines and other drinks that has alcohol content.
  • To Engrave Or Not To Engrave
    Engraving... what comes to mind is the permanence and the sense of personal ownership it gives to a precious stone, metal, or wood. It basically entails removing a portion from the exterior of a bare material by etching signs, insignias, or designs.

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