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  • The Congreve Clock
    The Congreve clock is a timepiece which was invented by Sir William Congreve in the year 1808. Unlike a traditional pendulum based clock, the Congreve clock uses a ball rolling down a zigzag path to regulate and monitor the passage of time. While his was not the first rolling ball clock to be invented, Congreve’s model is notable in that it improved heavily on earlier designs.
  • The Ansonia Clock Company
    The Ansonia Brass Company was formed in Ansonia Connecticut in 1844. This company was started by Anson Greene Phelps, to take advantage of the fact that the low cost of brass was causing most clock makers to replace wooden parts with more durable brass. The clock company formed in 1850 when Phelps joined up with two clock makers, Theodore Terry and Franklin C. Andrews.

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