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  • Henri Rousseau – Genius or talent-less fool?
    Rousseau was indifferent to the works of the progressive avant-garde artist around him, finding their paintings too unfinished. Paradoxically, these artists became appreciators of Rousseau’s work, and were instrumental in his posthumous recognition as a great painter.
  • Paul Cezanne
    Cezanne is yet another eccentric artist of the nineteen century who is considered to be a “great” artist. He is credited with being the father of modern art, and paving the way for abstract art.
  • Paul Gauguin – influential or diversionary?
    Great artists all appear to be revolutionaries, and are applauded for breaking with tradition, yet in truth most do little more than reinvent the wheel.
  • Vincent van Gogh – innovative or insane?
    Vincent purposely embraced and developed a style of painting. Whether that style is meritorious is a mater of personal taste.

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