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John N Cohen's Articles in Asian Art

  • Antique Inside Painted Chinese Snuff Bottles
    Describes these extraordinary Chinese works of art and what aspects of inside painted snuff bottles intrigue the author (an antique snuff bottle collector) the most.
  • Antique Chinese Snuff Bottles, Heavy Stones That Really Float!
    All about antique hard stone Chinese snuff bottles that are described as well hollowed out and the most amazing stone snuff bottles that are so wonderfully hollowed out, that they will float in water. Valuable guidance for potential collectors of snuff bottles
  • Netsuke Cord Holes (himotoshi)
    About inspecting antique netsuke, detailing the reason for different sized netsuke cord holes and how they should be positioned. One way of recognising a poor quality modern netsuke. Informative for any new netsuke collectors.
  • The Fascination of Japanese Lacquer Inro and Boxes
    Japanese Lacquer Inro and Boxes are such incredibly beautiful works of art, particularly, pieces from the late 18th and early 19th century. I consider many of them to rate very highly, amongst the finest treasures of the World!
  • Amazing Pictures From Flaws or Inclusions Found in Stones!
    About the amazing pictures that have been formed from natural flaws, or inclusions discovered in the stones, used by the brilliant carvers of antique stone Chinese snuff bottles.
  • Netsuke and Inro Really Belong Together!
    Explaining a little about what netsuke, inro and ojime are, also how they were used, and the fact that although these antiques are often collected separately they really belong to be together.

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