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  • A Brief History of Cuckoo Clocks
    The first cuckoo clocks, though, rather primitive but were a better choice than the sundials and hourglasses used in that time. The first parts were the wooden toothed wheels and stones were the weights of the cuckoo clock. The wood Waag was used as a pendulum that ran back and forth on the top of the dial to keep the clock in time.
  • Airsoft Gun History
    The history of "airsoft" originated in Japan during the mid-1970s, mainly because it was illegal to own firearms by private individuals. The first airsoft guns available were spring-powered replicas of firearms that fired 6mm, plastic pellets or BBs.
  • Clarinet Sheet Music
    Clarinet sheet music is different than other sheet music, since the clarinet has a limited tone production. Unlike the piano, which is called the "mother" of all instruments, the clarinet is distinguished between various types of flats. In music, a flat is used to reduce the semitone that produces a lower pitch.
  • Free Mouse Pads
    Free mouse pads were first introduced when advertisers saw the potential of distributing them with company logos with the hope that they would end up on every potential customer’s desk. There is no limit to the number of free mouse pads that you can hand out at trade shows, job fairs or to family and friends for personal use.
  • Free Sheet Music
    Long before radios, movies, television and the Internet popularized music, sheet music made compositions of the good old days popular, or at least, known.
  • Gothic Architecture
    Gothic architecture is a style that began in France during the 12th century. It was particularly associated with cathedrals and other churches. In Florence, Italy, the Gothic style became widespread in the 15th century AD. England could see a series of Gothic revivals in the mid 19th century and it spread across other parts of Europe.
  • Greek Architecture
    Architecture in ancient Greece was usually done with wood or mud-bricks, so their ground plans are the only evidence of their existence. Greeks established most of the most enduring themes, attitudes, and forms of western culture.
  • History Of Law Enforcement
    Since the conception of society, law enforcement bodies have existed to protect citizens from criminals or to maintain the status quo and keep leaders in power. Dating back to Biblical times, there were military personnel tasked to maintain peace and order.
  • Home Décor Collectibles
    As soon as one hears the term home décor collectibles, one conjures up images of art deco paintings, memorabilia, toys, games, toons, calendars, videos, clothing, accessories, posters, and what not. There are literally thousands of options available for collectors who are looking for antique home décor.
  • Law Enforcement Badges
    Each one of us has witnessed a law enforcement official maintaining peace and order in the streets. We see these officers wearing their uniforms, and we can easily identify them because they usually wear specialized law enforcement badges.
  • Military Flashlights
    Military flashlights have come a long way from the brass body metal screw days of World War II. The flashlight used during those days was called the TL-122A. This flashlight and all other subsequent versions of it had their head angled at ninety degrees to the body.
  • Native American Collectibles
    Native American collectibles are popular the world over, for they offer an insight into the unique and distinct culture of the Native Americans. Their culture is centuries old and continues to have a mystique around it. One can find literally thousands of antique stores who deal with Native American antiques.
  • Piano Sheet Music
    Piano sheet music is a printed musical notation for piano. Before phonograph and radio became popular, sheet music was used by musicians to make their compositions known to the people. Many of these were piano sheet music since piano was the most popular musical instrument back then.
  • Police Flashlights
    The flashlight carried by a police officer, can in no way be expected to serve the uni-functional task of providing light in case of darkness. When a police officer is using a flashlight, he or she is also occupying one of his or her hands. This may prove to be dangerous for the officer in case he faces an attack by the criminals.
  • Roman Architecture
    Roman architecture is a fusion of traditional Greek and the Etruscan elements, where arches were developed and horizontal beams were supported by columns. Later, three dimensional counterpart of the arch, namely the dome was introduced. Apart from this, Roman architects found their inspiration from the Greek architecture at large.
  • Wind Up Flashlights
    Wind up flashlights are portable devices that are used for dealing with emergency situations such as power outrages and blackouts caused due to hurricanes, tornadoes, lightning, flooding, and blown out street transformers. They are designed for rough use and can withstand shocks and vibrations that may occur while using them in emergencies.

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