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Mitch Endick's Articles in Clocks

  • Building Wooden Grandfather and Tall Case Clocks
    Early long case clocks were often made entirely of wood, including the inner working or movement of the clock. Hands, gears, escapements and pendulums where made from wood if the necessary metal working skills were not readily available. During some early periods of American clock making, metal components could not be acquired from England.
  • Pendulum Clocks Swing Through History
    The discovery of the pendulum is probably the single most important development in human timekeeping. Dating back to fifteen eighty two, the controversial Italian scientist Galileo Galilei was the first to understand that a swinging pendulum could accurately power a clock movement.
  • Restoring Your Antique Grandfather Clock
    Before any type of repair or restoration begins, it is important to determine the age of the clock and the maker. The world of antiques is filled with fakes and knock offs and this is no less true when it comes grandfather clocks. Grandfather clocks can add a touch classic beauty to any home decor and there is nothing wrong with owning a reproduction.

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