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  • Building Wooden Grandfather and Tall Case Clocks
    Early long case clocks were often made entirely of wood, including the inner working or movement of the clock. Hands, gears, escapements and pendulums where made from wood if the necessary metal working skills were not readily available. During some early periods of American clock making, metal components could not be acquired from England.
  • Great Photoramic Cousins of Panoramas
    Photoramics that feature sports themes are becoming very popular. Like collectible sports cards, photoramics are quickly becoming popular among collectors of sports memorabilia. Sports have always been a mainstay of American life and there is a great demand for many different types of collectibles and memorabilia.
  • History of Aerial Panoramas
    The earliest successful birds eye images taken from a balloon date back to the eighteen sixties. As the process of picture taking improved so did the ability to achieve powered flight. Lighter than air blimps powered with small internal combustion motors for controlled maneuvers, providing photographers with a more stable platform.
  • Model Sailboats Are Beautiful and Collectible
    From the days of the ancient mariners, the simple sail has been used to harness the power of the wind. For thousands of years, sailing vessels have traversed the great oceans of the world. The sight of a sail on the horizon could be a dangerous omen or a sign that company is coming. The sailboat, like the ocean, has captivated the human imagination.
  • Ornamental and Decorative Outdoor Thermometers are Hot
    Metal reproductions of classic outdoor thermometers are hotter than ever. From famous makers of agricultural equipment to thermometers that feature Hollywood film stars. In addition to classic metal reproductions, outdoor thermometers come in many other shapes and sizes.
  • Outdoor Advertising Thermometers Evoke Nostalgia
    In the early days of the nineteen hundreds, the outdoor advertising thermometer became a fixture of early brand name development. While we look back with nostalgia at those bygone days, it is easy to see how the once ubiquitous outdoor thermometer has gone from memory to memorabilia.
  • Pendulum Clocks Swing Through History
    The discovery of the pendulum is probably the single most important development in human timekeeping. Dating back to fifteen eighty two, the controversial Italian scientist Galileo Galilei was the first to understand that a swinging pendulum could accurately power a clock movement.
  • Photography and Panoramic Pictures
    Panoramic images are not formally defined but generally extend beyond what is considered a wide angle shot. Wide angle photo images are taken in a single camera shot using a lens that shortens the focal length of a standard lens and increases the view angle. Panoramic images feature an extremely wide view angle and can produce very unique still images of landscapes, structures and other subject matter.
  • Restoring Your Antique Grandfather Clock
    Before any type of repair or restoration begins, it is important to determine the age of the clock and the maker. The world of antiques is filled with fakes and knock offs and this is no less true when it comes grandfather clocks. Grandfather clocks can add a touch classic beauty to any home decor and there is nothing wrong with owning a reproduction.
  • The Long History of Watch Making
    For a number of years before the wrist watch became a common sight, the standard for personal timekeeping was the pocket watch. Pocket watches are said to have originated in Germany towards around the end of the fifteenth century. The design of early pocket watches was patterned after the clock designs of the day.
  • Vintage Advertising Thermometers Are Collectible
    Products and brand names of all kinds have been made famous by appearing on outdoor advertising thermometers. Today advertising thermometers are being used to promote a new generation of brand names and famous personalities. Vintage advertising thermometers have become very popular items among collectors of antiques and Americana.
  • Weathervanes Shapes and Uses
    For as long as there have been weathervanes, there has been a significance attached to the shape of the vane. In ancient times, the figures depicted in weathervanes and wind vanes were often made to represent gods, animals and other symbols of societal significance. Residents of a fishing village could very have weathervanes in the form of fish, ships and other maritime symbols.

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