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  • Ornamental and Decorative Outdoor Thermometers are Hot
    Metal reproductions of classic outdoor thermometers are hotter than ever. From famous makers of agricultural equipment to thermometers that feature Hollywood film stars. In addition to classic metal reproductions, outdoor thermometers come in many other shapes and sizes.
  • Outdoor Advertising Thermometers Evoke Nostalgia
    In the early days of the nineteen hundreds, the outdoor advertising thermometer became a fixture of early brand name development. While we look back with nostalgia at those bygone days, it is easy to see how the once ubiquitous outdoor thermometer has gone from memory to memorabilia.
  • Vintage Advertising Thermometers Are Collectible
    Products and brand names of all kinds have been made famous by appearing on outdoor advertising thermometers. Today advertising thermometers are being used to promote a new generation of brand names and famous personalities. Vintage advertising thermometers have become very popular items among collectors of antiques and Americana.

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