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  • An Introduction to Antique Furniture
    Furniture has been a domestic necessity in all civilisations, ancient to modern (and in-between) and has been produced in large quantities over the centuries. Developed from humble beginnings whereby the furniture was constructed out of simple designs by and large cut straight from one section of a tree to more advanced skilfully constructed pieces.
  • Collecting Antiques - The Peoples Art Part 2
    Posters were very much in the vanguard of this market and it is quote ironic that when you look back from the experience of hindsight to see such names that have been involved in this type of commercial enterprise it would appear to be quite amusing.
  • A Brief Introduction to the History of Jewelry
    In the ancient world and certainly prior to 3000 years B.C. gold was the preferred metal for making jewellery. It had all the key requirements, it was rare, it didn't tarnish easily and best of all it was a soft metal being malleable therefore was easily worked with.
  • Collecting Antiques Is The Peoples Art
    In this, the first in a series of articles, we discuss the growth in the marketability of what used to be called Peoples Art and the marketability of everyday packaging materials.

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