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  • Going Green with Tagua Nut Carvings
    Tagua nut carvings may look like they have been produced from finest ivory, but the truth is, it has never been anywhere near an elephant! The tagua nut is actually a very hard nut that comes from a tree known as the ivory nut palm. This nut can be carved and polished to a high degree, making it difficult to discern from elephant ivory.
  • Collecting Vintage Audio Equipment
    The fonder of the Carver Corporation, Bob Carver, was an extremely talented engineer who is most famous for designing the most powerful consumer audio amplifier available in the early 1970's. His innovation and invention in the realm of commercial audio continued to drive forward and produce some of the most famous pieces of audio technology to come out of America.
  • Choosing a Renaissance Costume - Five Tips To Make It Easier
    For anyone who's attending a Renaissance or Medieval faire, the fun can be increased by having your own costume. Wearing street clothes to a faire is completely acceptable, but it often makes people feel as though they're only tourists, watching what's going on but never participating. A costume, or "garb" of your own can make you really feel like you fit in.
  • The History of Sleigh Bells
    For many people, the melodic, rhythmic ringing of sleigh bells brings along inescapable images of winter and snowfall and the smell of Christmas, but were you aware that it goes much deeper than that? Sleigh bells have been with us for a very long time, and though we might be most accustomed to them in picturesque depictions a Victorian horse and carriage traveling through the snow, they actually go back quite a ways earlier!
  • The Breyer Model Horse Success Story
    Founded in 1950 in Chicago, Illinois, Breyer Animal Creations, often referred to merely as "Breyer", is a division of Reeves International (which acquired them in 1984) and one of the oldest model animal companies to date. Breyer Animal Creations began as the Breyer Molding Company. The company specializes in model horses, although they have produced wildlife and domestic animal models at various times.

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