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Suzanne Macguire's Articles in Asian Art

  • Vietnamese Art: Uncovering The Passion Beneath
    It's not been long since Vietnamese art established its ground in the past century. With the Ecole De Beaux Arts opening its doors to local students some 70 years back, began the slow diffusion of Vietnamese art into the local scenario. However, the cultural inception of Vietnamese art goes back much further.
  • The Wrath of Dragons in Vietnamese Art
    The influence of symbolism in Vietnamese art has been in vogue since prehistoric times. One of the most supernatural of all creatures, dragons and fairies, symbolized various instances of Vietnamese art. From the Dong Son civilization to the modern Nyugen Dynasty, the dragon motif has been used in various forms and shapes in sculptures, paintings, palaces, and different religious or architectural
  • Folk Paintings in Vietnam
    Folk paintings in Vietnam have an intimate association with its rich traditional and cultural fabric. Vietnamese folk paintings offer an interesting combination of traditional cultural values with ancient artistic methods molded through the efforts of the previous generations. Vietnamese folk painting can be categorized as Tet holiday paintings and Worshipping paintings.

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