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  • Metal Detector Techniques For Tesoro And Whites Metal Detectors
    When detecting in a new area search the whole area first without using discrimination in order to remove any junk. Then you can repeat the search to find targets that were being masked. Aluminium foil can easily be mistaken for gold and lots of other junk also sounds like treasure so it's best to remove these before using discrimination. When the junk has been removed use a grid pattern to search for targets.
  • Western Saddles - A Brief Survey
    The most popular type of saddle, trail saddles are designed for comfort over rough terrain and many miles. Designed for comfort they are lighter than ranch or roping saddles which are designed for heavier work. New materials and features often appear in trail saddles first due to their popularity. Some features include an easy to hold thin horn, a higher fork for stability, a deeply recessed cantle for comfort, wider stirrups treads and padded seats. Rounded or cut out skirts may also be
  • Setting Up A Terrarium - The Basic Supplies
    Terrariums set up to simulate desert conditions usually have a base of builders sand with rocks and succulents. Kept very dry they are suitable for spiny lizards, box turtles, desert tarantulas and other creatures from the desert.
  • How To Set Up A Plant Terrarium
    Nathaniel Ward, an amateur botanist, made the first terrarium in 1827. He became concerned about the notorious pollution present in London air at that time on the butterfly cocoons he was studying he placed them in glass jars to protect them. After a few days he found ferns happily growing in his glass jars and realised the glass jars were ideal environments for growing moisture loving plants. His idea spread rapidly and terrariums became very popular especially for preserving exotic plants.
  • A Guide To Diecast Toy Collecting
    The box that the diecast model came with was usually made from thin cardboard or plastic and those models with their original case in good condition are particularly prized. As the boxes were made of flimsy material they can easily be damaged by moisture, sunlight or dirt. Keeping the box in perfect condition is often more of a challenge than preserving the diecast vehicle itself!
  • The Different Types Of Tiffany Glass
    There were many different types of glass developed by Louis Comfort Tiffany at his Tiffany Studios. He is remembered primarily for his exquisite stained glass windows and stained glass lamps which are today high priced collector's items.
  • The Life Of Louis Comfort Tiffany and his Collectible Lamps
    Louis Comfort Tiffany was an American artist who lived from 1848 to 1933. He became well known for his work on stained glass which he used in many different settings including windows, enamels, metalwork, lamps and jewelry. He is usually associated with the Aesthetic and Art Noveau movement and was also a member of the prestigious Associated Artists along with other well known artists of the time including Samuel Colman, Lockwood De Forest and Candace Wheeler.

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