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  • The Lifespan of Live Christmas Trees  By : Helen Walker
    Live Christmas trees are the only way to celebrate the holidays the natural way. offers a wide selection of renewable, live Christmas trees that will complement your holiday decor and green lifestyle.
  • The History of Christmas Ornaments  By : Martin Swinton
    In A.D. 336, an early Roman calendar first mentions December 25 as he date of Jesus’ birth. This date was likely influenced by the year-end pagan festivals to celebrate the harvest. Celebrations included specially prepared meals, decorating of homes, gift-giving and singing. Gradually, pagan traditions became a part of the Christian celebrations.
  • Christmas and Christmas Songs  By : Anu krishnan
    This article is about Christmas, and christmas celebrations, the one day that proclaims the birth of Jesus Christ.
  • Top 5 Popular Christmas Songs  By : Anu krishnan
    This articles showcases the most popular Christmas songs ever.
  • How to Care for Your Vintage Aluminum Christmas Tree  By : Emma Martin
    Aluminum Christmas trees make a lovely decoration in the home, but they do require some special care. Here are some tips for keeping your vintage Christmas tree in great condition for many Christmas seasons to come.
  • The Origin of the Christmas Tree  By : Helen Walker
    The custom of erecting a Christmas tree can be traced back to 16th century Germany, though neither an inventor nor a single town can be identified as the sole origin of the tradition. grows a vast assortment of fresh Christmas trees, catering to your family’s preference.
  • The History of Christmas Wreaths  By : Helen Walker
    The origins of the Christmas wreath are found in folk tales of pre-Christian Germanic people who, during the cold and dark winters of Eastern Europe, gathered wreaths of evergreen and lit fires as signs of hope for the coming spring and renewed light. Complete your holiday décor and online shopping with a fresh Christmas wreath from Christmas Farms.
  • The Fab Four: Famous Real Christmas Trees  By : Helen Walker
    There is nothing more magical than a giant conifer. There are four famous trees that are a must-see: The Blue Room Christmas Tree, National Christmas Tree, Capitol Holiday Tree, and the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree.
  • Herbal Tea to Christmas Greenery: The History of Holly  By : Helen Walker
    When most people think of holly, they think of decorative Christmas greenery. This use is quite common, but the holly plant has a rich history and many unique uses.
  • How to Decorate a Real Christmas Tree  By : Helen Walker
    When asked about their favorite Christmas memory, often people will say that it was decorating the tree. Decorating your real Christmas tree is a fun way to take time out and really enjoy the holiday season. Whether it’s with family or friends, or with a beloved pet and a mug of hot chocolate, it can be a special time.
  • Christmas Wreaths: A History  By : Helen Walker
    Wreaths have come a long way since their use in ancient times, but are still used today for celebration and decoration.
  • Real Christmas Trees - Preparing for the Perfect Tree  By : Helen Walker
    Whether it’s mistletoe hanging in the doorframe or carolers at your door, your eyes and ears will know when the holiday is upon us. But there is something about the way it smells just before the snow falls, or the scent of real Christmas trees that really makes it feel like the holidays.
  • How to Maintain a Live Christmas Tree  By : Helen Walker
    There is nothing quite like the smell of fresh Christmas trees around the holidays. With just a little bit of attention you can maintain a live Christmas tree for weeks on end. The key is to select a healthy tree from the get-go, give it plenty of water, and display it safely.
  • Lighting Up the Holiday Season with the Trail of Lights  By : Joe Cline
    No matter where you live, nothing says Christmas like Christmas lights. The second December begins the lights are lit in homes and malls throughout the country. Hours are spent perfecting the lines of sparkling color as they cover eaves, gables, gutters and trees.
  • Santa Claus Collectibles - a Great Collection for Holiday Enthusiasts  By : Taylor Martinerin
    Oh, those Santa Claus figures! Whether made of cloth or porcelain, resin or wood, there is just something about collecting different representations of the jolly old elf. There are so many types of Santas that some folks limit their collection to a specific subgroup, like nutcrackers or porcelain figurines. Every year we decide not to get any more, our collection is large enough, and yet somehow every year we find 'just one more' we have to have. There are Santa lights for indoors or out, Santa
  • The History of Sleigh Bells  By : Steven Beckerman
    For many people, the melodic, rhythmic ringing of sleigh bells brings along inescapable images of winter and snowfall and the smell of Christmas, but were you aware that it goes much deeper than that? Sleigh bells have been with us for a very long time, and though we might be most accustomed to them in picturesque depictions a Victorian horse and carriage traveling through the snow, they actually go back quite a ways earlier!
  • Vintage Christmas Ornaments - Max Eckardt's Shiny Brite Ornaments  By : Emma Martin
    Owned by Max Eckardt, Shiny Brite Christmas ornaments were very popular during the onset of the World War II right through the 1950s and they were manufactured by the largest ornament company in the world. Adorned by hand, the glass ornaments came in bright colors and stripes.
  • Christmas Tree Safety Checklist  By : Ellen Bell
    Setting up the Christmas tree is a tradition enjoyed by many families during the holiday season. But don't forget to use good common sense and take safety precautions to avoid injuries or property damage. Here is a checklist of 20 important safety considerations to think about before setting up your Christmas tree.
  • Christmas Candy Canes and The Legend Of A Holiday Tradition  By : Aurel Radulescu
    You see them everywhere. They are in the stores, used as window displays, yard decorations, Christmas tree ornaments and even as candy. The traditional candy cane is red and white with plenty of holiday cheer added to the mix. Of all its uses, the candy cane is most popularly known as great tasting candy made in a variety of sizes.
  • A Quick History of the Christmas Decorations We All Know and Love  By : Queenie
    Ahhh...Those fun little sparkley things we love to adorn our holiday trees with! This article will give a brief history of some of the holiday decorations we have all come to know and love.
  • National Christmas Tree  By : Ellen Bell
    Since the early part of the 20th century, the National Christmas Tree has been a holiday fixture in Washington, D.C. We'll explore the history of this national tradition from its beginnings to current day.
  • Christmas Tree Decorating Themes  By : Ellen Bell
    Have you ever wondered how to create a funky, themed Christmas tree for your home? Themed trees are becoming more popular as people seek alternatives to the "traditional" Christmas tree. We'll give you some great tips and ideas to help you get started creating a holiday tree that is as unique as you are.
  • How did the Christmas Tree Trimming Tradition Come to be?  By : Queenie
    December 22, 1882......
    That's the day that a man named Edward H. Johnson completed the wiring of his Christmas tree with 80 red, white and blue electric incandescent light bulbs - each the size of a walnut.
  • Collecting Antique Christmas Ornaments  By : Queenie
    Want to start collecting those little sparkley Christmas jewels from the past? In this article we will discuss how to start an antique Christmas ornament collection.
  • Care of Antique and Vintage Glass Christmas Ornaments  By : Queenie
    Find out the colorful history of the antique Christmas ornament, and how to care for, clean, and safely store them for many years of enjoyment!
  • Christmas Wreaths: History, Tradition, and Uses  By : Ellen Bell
    Wreaths are a very common decoration used around the world for Christmas and other holidays. But did you ever wonder where the tradition of wreaths came from or how it got started? We'll explore the long tradition of wreaths and some of their historical uses.
  • Wreaths Galore - Not Just For Christmas Anymore  By : Ellen Bell
    If you like to decorate your home for different holidays and seasons, wreaths are a great way to do so. Don't limit yourself to only displaying wreaths at Christmastime! We'll show you how to create unique wreaths for every holiday of the year.
  • Christmas Trees - The History of a Christmastime Tradition  By : Ellen Bell
    How did evergreen trees first become associated with Christianity and the Christmas holiday? And how did this evolve into our modern day tradition of decorating a Christmas tree? We'll explore the answers to these questions and more.
  • Christmas Wreaths: New Ideas for an Old Tradition  By : Ellen Bell
    Wreaths are a tried and true favorite when it comes to holiday decorating. Almost all of us have one or two wreaths in our decorating "arsenal." Rethinking this ordinary decoration can lead to an imaginative and unexpected result that may be a lot more interesting than a traditional green wreath!
  • Christmas Lights: A Brief History  By : Ellen Bell
    Have you ever wondered how the tradition of lighted Christmas trees got started? A look at the history of holiday lights over the last couple centuries gives many insights into this rich tradition and how it has evolved.
  • Christmas Tree Tradition Through the Ages  By : Ellen Bell
    Decorated conifer trees have become a widespread symbol of Christmas. In 2006, over 28 million live trees were sold in the United States. How did this tradition get started? Learn more about the centuries-old tradition of the Christmas tree.
  • Holiday Decorating Throughout the Home  By : Ellen Bell
    Don't limit your holiday decorating efforts to just the living and family rooms of your home! Expanding your decorations into bedrooms, bathrooms, the kitchen, etc. will make your home a more festive place to celebrate the holiday season.
  • Christmas Ornaments: New Ideas for Old Decorations  By : Ellen Bell
    Are you tired of the same old ornaments you've been using for years, but don't want to get rid of them? Don't throw them out or give them away, just come up with a new way to display them! We have great ideas to help you get started.
  • Collecting Holiday Ornaments  By : Darlene Anderson
    Holiday Ornaments are probably one of the easiest and most popular items to collect. Even people who don't normally collect things probably have collections of Christmas Ornaments. With all the ornaments available and new ones coming out each year, it is hard not to collect your favorites. There are many ways to collect ornaments and here are just a few.

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