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  • Stone Gifts - Excellent Stone Gifts to Decorate your Beautiful House.  By : anupuashai
    Everyone's biggest financial investment in their life is dreaming home. Most of the people are trying to build their own houses. However, decorating your home with some excellent stone accents will add some grace to your home. Here are some of the important stone gifts. Rustic refers to any style that has an inherent sense of simplicity. Rustic decor generally utilizes themes from previous ages.
  • The Danish Architect and Interior Designer - Verner Panton  By : Innes Desborough
    Verner Panton, the Danish designer with his futuristic designs on vibrant home furnishings, provides the given space a more stylistic and unique appearance, apart from the futuristic concepts employed. Panton's work is considered important and one of the greatest contributions to interior design in the second half of the twentieth century.
  • Stéphane Boudin - The Famous Interior Designer  By : George Baxter
    Stéphane Boudin was an interior designer who achieved success through his creativity, passion and focus on details. With his excellent knowledge of interior design and the decorative arts, he could create time honoured artistic works. A great teacher and mentor, he inspired his followers and assistants to excel in their own fields.
  • Architecture: Shaping the Face of Earth  By : Sam Jose
    Architecture is defined as the activity of designing and constructing buildings. It reflects the society and affects the way that society develops. Designing any kind of system is known as architecture. From the time immemorial the profession of architecture plays a key role in the developments of building, town planning, urban design and landscape architecture. It is actually the designing of tot
  • What Are Your Home Improvement Renovations Really Worth?  By : Handy Manson
    More often than not extensive home renovations, splurges or upgrades will cost you more money than it will return upon sale. When considering a home improvement renovation, there are 2 very important factors to evaluate when deciding your budget - The Value to you, and Resale Recovery.
  • What an Interior Design Course Should Include  By : ufiyona
    Interior design is part of the world of architecture. Interior designers are responsible for the architectural planning of the environment of the home, workplace, places of entertainment, leisure and shopping.

    The interior design course includes the construction of an interior design portfolio and special preparation for the entrance examinations for leading design colleges.

    Lectures include planning and exercises in such subjects as history and theory of interior design and furniture, the features and technologies of finishing materials, comfort (climatic, thermal, acoustic, etc.) of furniture and products, colors and textures and general aspects of the design and furnishing of internal spaces.

    Full details in the following article.
  • Elevate Building Designs through AutoCAD  By : mary summers
    CAD is the fundamental and industry prevalent software platform for architectural drafting these days. AutoCAD drafting is at the heart of numerous good building designs. Architecture firms today employ wide variety of CAD drafting standards to achieve very high quality of construction documents, quickly and at lower costs.

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